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Reasons you should appear for JEE exam

What could be the motive that one appears for any exam whether it is board, NEET, JEE, or any other examination? Why does one take an exam? There could be a few certain reasons like peer pressure, passion towards this field, social pressure, etc.  Whatever the reason might be, the will should be yours. There’s no point in taking the JEE exam when the subjects and the career paths do not excite you. When you start preparing for any competitive exam then it should be your wish. If cracking this exam becomes your will and passion then you will be able to put the best inputs. Whereas if you choose to appear for JEE because of any kind of pressure then let me tell you, that you are not going to perform well.

Till now we have discussed on a general basis why an aspirant should appear for JEE or not, but now let’s talk in some technical terms as JEE is somewhat related to the technical field. One should appear for JEE if the aspirant wants to get B. Tech, or B. Arch degree from one of the best colleges. And one can get to the best colleges after qualifying for the Joint Entrance Examination for engineering that is JEE. The ones who will qualify for JEE Main will get a chance to take admission to NITs (National Institutes of Technology), IITs, and government engineering colleges. Whereas after qualifying for JEE advanced, aspirants get eligible to take admission to IITs (Indian Institute of Technology). One may even say that one can get this degree from any private engineering college then why to appear for JEE. This is correct but there is a huge difference between private colleges and IITs and NITS. IITs and NITs are the best colleges in India and if there are the best available options then it is obvious that you will go for those.

So, if you are going to appear for JEE then your goal should be very clear as to why you have chosen a particular career among thousands of available options. If you are preparing for JEE then it should be your passion and believe me if this happens then you will give out your best performance in the exam. JEE is tough to crack but if aspirants do hard work and smart work then everything is possible. 

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