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Most asked Physics topics in previous years

When it comes to exams then the first thing that comes to our mind is “What is the syllabus?”. Which topics have more weightage in the exam? And how can one know about the weightage of different topics in the exam? So the best way to get answers to these questions is by looking at previous year’s question papers. By looking over previous year’s papers one can acquire sufficient knowledge about the frequently asked topics in the exam. If you find that a particular topic has more questions in comparison to other topics then that simply means the topic has more weightage. Similarly, you can analyze as many papers as you want and identify the pattern. After analyzing, you can make a list of such topics that carry good weight and prepare accordingly for the exams. 

There are three subjects in the JEE exam, which are also called PCM (physics, chemistry, and math) in general. But in this article, we will be primarily focusing on physics only.

Talking about JEE specifically, then these are some topics that carry a good score: thermodynamics, kinematics, gravitation, wave and oscillation, physics and measurement, KTG (kinetic theory of gases), electrostatics, current electricity, properties of solids and liquids, rotational motion, work, energy and power, magnetic effects of current and magnetism, the law of motion, electromagnetic effects, optics and dual nature of matter and radiation. You can research on your own as well and similarly prepare the list. For JEE main exam, experiments matter a lot and in fact, it has quite a good weightage in physics. One can even analyze last year’s question papers thoroughly to know about most asked topics in previous years. But it can be time taking. So alternatively, you can look for data on google about a particular topic that is included in the question paper. But what do you have to do with data? With the help of googling you can know about the most frequently asked topics. 

With this, you can easily mark the topics which need more attention, time, and effort in comparison to others. Prepare high weightage topics first because your selection is largely based on those topics. Once you are done preparing them then you can start preparing for other important topics and ultimately take as many mock tests as possible. Most importantly, Keep revising and keep practicing. 

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