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How to do JEE Preparation and crack it in first attempt.

Most of the students with Science stream prepare for JEE but very few of them are aware about how to do preparation for JEE. Most of the students get enrolled in coaching with the mindset that all the things will be done by coaching itself. Best way to do JEE’s preparation is planning. First make plans on what you have to do and how.

Know your syllabus

Before starting your preparation first you need to know your syllabus such that you may know which topics you need to study and which not. So, first download syllabus of JEE Main and JEE Advanced. You can also know importance of different topics.

Make a Time Table                                                  

While preparing, it’s important that you prepare a time table for your studies. At least 8 hours of studies is required for JEE preparation. So, make your time table accordingly. 

Set daily target                                                               

We all know that practicing problems is very important for JEE preparation. You can practice problems from coaching materials. You can solve reference books like H C VERMA, R D SHARMA, ARIHANT’S PUBLICATIONS Books for physics, chemistry and mathematics. Set target of minimum number of questions which needs to be solved daily for all the three subjects.

Books to refer

There are lots of books in market for JEE preparation, so it becomes important to note down name of books which needs to be refer for reference.

Set your target

Before starting preparation it’s important to set your target that what you want either IIT or NIT. It’s important to know which branch you want. Also it’s important to know what rank you want. If your goals will be higher, then only you will make efforts higher.

Note down formulas

You can write down important formulas and derivations on a page. And you can keep that page at a place from where it will be always visible to you. Then it will be easier to learn those formulas and derivations. 

Know exam pattern

JEE Mains pattern is very different from JEE Advanced pattern. So, it’s important that you know pattern of examination and level of questions asked in JEE Main and JEE Advanced.

Remove your stress                                         

While preparing for JEE stress, depression, pressure these are common thing in students. But these things could affect student’s health and performance. So, try to sort out all these issues.

You can do these few things which will help you with your preparation. Solve previous year question papers. Give mock tests until your confidence is not boosted. Do hard work, focus on your target. You will definitely qualify JEE.

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