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Is taking 2nd drop for mains a good decision?

There are many students who take 2nd drop for JEE Mains. They do so because they don’t have better options for college and they believe that they can do far better in another attempt. It’s very normal. But I would personally suggest that one should take the 2nd drop only if they are absolutely sure that they would improve their performance. But frankly speaking, taking 2nd drop for JEE Mains is not a good decision. Because if you take 2nd drop then you won’t be eligible for JEE Advanced and you will get colleges only through JEE Mains. So instead of taking 2nd drop one should think about which college he/ she is getting with the present score. But if you will be taking the 2nd drop then you have to face it’s advantages and disadvantages.

  • Advantages 
  • Chances of improving performance

If you take 2nd drop then there are chances to improve your marks and performance as well.  Since you are taking 2nd drop hence it’s obvious that you want to score good. If you study hard, then there are chances of improving performance.

  • Good placement offers

Since you have taken 2nd drop that means it’s obvious that you want to get admission in a good NIT. And it’s obvious that you would get good placement offers with better colleges. And if you are getting good placement offers then it really doesn’t matter that you have taken 2nd drop or not.

  •  Disadvantages 
  • Facing lot of pressure

If anyone takes the 2nd drop then he/ she has to go through a lot of pressure. For example, family pressure and performance pressure. After the 2nd drop, the aspirants start thinking that they have to perform better at any cost. And one should learn how to handle pressure if he/ she has taken the 2nd drop and wants to perform better.

  • Wastage of one more year

You should take the 2nd drop only if you are confident that you can handle pressure, and you are sure that you can perform better and improve your marks. But I would suggest that one should not go for the 2nd drop for JEE Main. But remember taking 2nd drop or not will be totally up to you and completely your decision. Go through advantages and disadvantages properly then make your final decision. 

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