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You have almost one month left for your NEET exam. 

You have only one shot left. Just give it your all and leave other things for the time after NEET. 

In my last month before the exam, I was revising more and practicing more and more questions. I was not doing anything new. I was just revising the most frequently asked questions and solving at least 2 mock up tests everyday. 

My tip for you to build up your strategy in your last month will be the following:

  1. You should solve more and more questions everyday. The more questions you will solve, the more you will gain. 
  2. You should try to solve questions with a timer so that you can practice answering within the time limit.
  3. This will also help you attain the accuracy in a pressure. And by this you will also learn what questions should be solved and what you should leave. 
  4. For biology you should read more and more NCERT because each and every single word of NCERT could be a question. Remember biology is 50% of your NEET syllabus. If you do this then you have almost 40-45% on your side. 
  5. For physics practice is the key. You should solve more and more questions in physics. 
  6. Personally, I was not good at physics, so in my last month I did all those topics which are more likely to come and have more weightage. Practice the questions from these topics will assure your almost 30-40% marks in physics only that is about 100 marks out of 180
  7. For chemistry, in my last month I did practice a lot of questions in a time limit for physical chemistry. Because physical chemistry is also like physics. You have to solve each and every question. 
  8. For organic chemistry,I revised the notes that I had made during the whole year of preparation and solved the questions within the time limit. For organic chemistry especially, the key to achieve more marks in this is to revise each and every reaction, the reagents, the product so that if any reaction is given you can easily solve them. 
  9. So my tip for organic chemistry will be to make flash cards or short notes so that you will be able to revise them quickly and repeatedly. 
  10. For organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry you must read the NCERT because most of the questions are directly from NCERT itself. So NCERT is a must read for both these subjects. 
  11. Try covering the most of the topics before the last month and in the last month don’t go for any new topics. 

Just revise as much as you can and be calm. 

This is the most important tip that you should be calm and try not to stress. 

Because if you will be stressed, you will not be able to study well and it will only and only hamper your studies. 

So be calm and take good care of your health. 

Taking care of your health is most important because last month is like make or break for many students. 

It may lead you to your dream college or to a stage where you will not be able to perform well in your exam. So just take good care of yourself. Eat healthy and do something that will calm you and make you more effective to study more. 

You need to get motivation every day. This motivation will not come from anyone. You have to motivate yourself every day to achieve your dream. 

Best of luck for your exam. 

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Sanskriti Negi
Sanskriti is a 2nd-year student at Doon Medical College. She likes to help others and guide students in their NEET preparation.
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