In this blog, we will discuss why one should choose medicine as a career in India.

Medicine is one of the respectable and good-paid careers in terms of employment. Lakhs of doctors, nurses, medical assistants, etc work tirelessly day and night to improve the condition of the Indian Healthcare sector and to keep our medical facilities at their maximum. Becoming a doctor is a dream for lots of aspirants but only a few get a chance to live their dream.

Healthcare service is not like other services where you start your work from 9 am and reach your home by 5 pm. In medical you should always keep yourself ready to work for 14-16 hrs a day and even more in emergency conditions. Sometimes you will also be posted in casualty for 24 hrs a day and trust us, it’s not an easy job. 

There are lots of ways through which you can get into the medical field like doing a bachelor’s in physiotherapy, a bachelor of homeopathic medicine and surgery, a bachelor of ayurvedic surgery, a bachelor of medicine and surgery, etc. But before getting into this career, let’s have a look at some advantages! 

  • No shortage of jobs in the medical field

In other fields like engineering, MBA, etc there is often a shortage of jobs but in the

In the medical field, jobs are always in great demand across the world. There are many jobs in the medical line that you can take up after graduation. After completing your medical degree, you will have the right to run your medical clinic in any part of India. 

  • You will never be bored in this field

Every day you will come across lots of patients, different situations, and varied diseases. There will be ample opportunities to learn and expand your horizon. 

  • Great scope of specialization in the medical field

After completing your medical degree, you can opt for different fields according to your choice and preference. As per your interest, you can opt for a urologist, neurosurgery, pediatrics, surgery, orthopedics, dermatologist, gynecologist, ophthalmology, ENT specialist, etc. If you want to go with the non-clinical field then after completing your degree you can opt for community medicine, physiology, anatomy, biochemistry, pathology, microbiology, etc.

  • Money factors in the medical field

Medical is a very competitive field and one of the highest-paying services in our

country. Just after completing their MBBS, a doctor can easily earn around 90- 110k per month. But this income varies on factors like state, specialty, service, and the Institute they are attached to. But keep in mind that money is one factor and the respect you will get is another. 

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Rechers Jaiswal
Rechers is a Doctor in making and is a 2nd year M.B.B.S. student at Dr Ram Manohar Medical College, Delhi.
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