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Is it fair to take two attempts for JEE main 2022?

Recently, official site for JEE main exam has announced that there will be two attempts for JEE main 2022. People were waiting from long time for any notification about JEE main. Before this official announcement, people were making guesses that there might be 4 attempts for JEE main 2022, just like it was for JEE main 2021. But now NTA (National Testing Agency) has declared only two attempts for this year’s JEE main that is for the year 2022. And this is the reason many aspirants are thinking that is it fair to take only two attempts for JEE main 2022 or not. If we have a look on last few year’s data then we will find that till now there has been only one year when number of JEE mains attempt in a year was more than 2. And that year was 2021 when number of attempts for JEE main was 4.

For other years like for JEE main 2019, JEE main 2020 there were only two attempts. And if we talk of earlier, then you must be aware that there used to be only one attempt for JEE main in a year till 2018. 2019 was the first time when JEE main has been conducted two times in a year. One may even say that there are more chances for JEE main to get postponed. So, you must be knowing that these announcements are not official, these are just guesses. So, one should not believe any news until and unless it has been declared from JEE official site.

At the time of the Pandemic in 2019, then also there were only 2 attempts for JEE Main. Everyone knows that due to that year’s pandemic everything got affected. And if in that year it was fair to take only 2 attempts for JEE main, then of course it is fair to take only 2 attempts for JEE main 2022.

And as a JEE aspirant one should not worry about total number of attempts. One should give his or her best in first attempt only so that you don’t need to worry about further attempts. Attempts has been introduced with the purpose such that if aspirant fails to score good because of any mishap then other attempt can be used as a golden opportunity. So the thing is, it is totally fair to take 2 attempts for JEE main 2022. 

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