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Focus Areas before JEE Main 2022

JEE Main is a national level entrance examination conducted by the National Testing Authority for admission into the best engineering colleges of the country including various NITs, GFTIs, etc. The exam also acts as an eligibility exam for the JEE advanced which is considered as a gateway to B.Tech programs in prestigious IITs of the country. Every year around 10 lakhs students appear for the exam making it one of the most competitive exams of the country. As we are moving towards the exam date, a question pops up in the minds of students: what are the important topics for the exam? Which section would fetch them maximum marks and where should they focus more during revision. Though nothing is certain, as there have been surprises every year in the exam, considering the previous trends we have identified a few chapters which are really important for the exam and students can not afford to miss these chapters.

Some of the important chapters of Physics are Modern Physics, Heat and Thermodynamics, Optics, Electrostatics, and Current Electricity. These are those chapters which can not be left at any cost and should be mastered as even if there is not a direct question from these topics, a question from mechanics may require application of concepts from these chapters. In previous years, there have been around 15 – 17 questions from these topics alone which carries more than 60 marks. Along with this, students should also be aware of topics that may have lesser weightage but are easier to do. These areas should not be missed out as they give marks and provide extra time to solve tougher questions during the exam.

In Chemistry, questions are divided into three sections, and carry nearly equal marks from Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry. For physical chemistry it is advised to give equal importance to all chapters as there is an equal distribution of questions across various chapters. However, a slight importance can be given to Thermodynamics, and Electrochemistry. Ionic Equilibrium holds a surprise element as it has been seen in many years that significant weightage is given in some years. In inorganic chemistry, Chemical Bonding, Coordination Compounds are among the most important chapters which are given significant weightage. P-block elements is also an area where you can score well and also helps in understanding other topics. Organic chemistry is all about reaction mechanisms, isomerism, various groups, and should be studied as a whole. Biomolecules can not be missed out as we have seen questions from this chapter regularly in the exam and can be solved easily by students.

Next, coming to mathematics, considered to be lengthier many times by students giving the exam, requires a smarter approach both while revising and attempting the exam. Students should understand that there are many ways to solve mathematics problems in the JEE Main exam which also includes using multiple choice options provided in the exam. Coordinate Geometry, Limits, Calculus are the topics that have higher weightage in the exam but are also considered bigger topics. There are other smaller topics too which have lesser weightage but require less time to cover like Sets, Differential Equations, Matrices, Determinants. Students should have a blended approach to these problems where they cover both: the important topics, and also lesser weightage topics which need less effort. 

Overall, this will help in prioritising things during the last months of JEE Main. It is advised to complete as much syllabus as possible without panic and keep a strong grip over the topics which regularly come up in exam.

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