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How to score full marks in the Biology Section of NEET 2021?

National Testing Agency (NTA) will be conducting the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) 2021 for admission to undergraduate programs of various medical colleges across the country. The exam will offer medical and dental courses and will be held on August 1. Each year around 15 lakh students appear for this exam which raises the competition to a very high level. Hence, a strategic approach is needed to ace this exam. The exam consists of 3 subjects, namely, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. 

One of the crucial things one needs to focus on to crack NEET is to focus on balancing well with the intent of perfection by scoring the maximum in subjects he/she can master well. Indeed, hard work is one of the major factors defining success but aspirants also need to brush up on their skills and use smarter ways to solve the questions in less time. Because in MCQs, no one asks for the procedure but figuring out the answer in a short time is what will benefit them. The smart tricks will allow their journey to be smooth and for getting into their desired medical college. People with effective time management techniques are the ones to take away a good rank along with a medical seat. Biology being the most important section for NEET, let us further learn about the tips and tricks beneficial to score high in this section.

  1. Beginning with fractionating the syllabus the focus should be on identifying the chapters which contribute the higher percentage weightage to the exam keeping the study majorly to be NCERT centric. In this regard, chapters such as human reproduction, the molecular basis of inheritance, sexual reproduction in flowering plants, and biotechnology: principles and processes from standard 12 syllabi need more attention.

From standard 11, the chapters that require more attention are Human psychology, Biological classification, and Biomolecules. Human psychology must be learned well as, during the previous decade, around 29 questions have been asked from the chapter Neural Control and Coordination. Studying from alternate sources is only advisable, once you have thoroughly gone through NCERT.

  1. From the chapters like Animal Morphology and Biomolecules, and others, the diagrams as well as their labeling and the legends need to be focused on. The life cycle of organisms must be studied in-depth to answer any between the lines kind of questions. For example, the life cycle of Plasmodium given in the chapter Human Health and Disease Essential is important. An effective technique to remember these is to use as many approaches as possible for practice using all types of stimuli: mechanical, visual, or auditory exercises. These have turned out to be proven effective strategies in terms of memory enhancement. Getting the hardcopy of the figure parts of NCERT for practicing labeling and identifying the objects is another technique that leads to successful results.
  2. Biology is the section where one can psych themselves up and improve their ability to use the elimination method by taking calculated risks. Negative marks also must be avoided as each point matters, therefore, it is okay to move on if you aren’t much sure about the answer. However, you can always revisit once finished marking all the correct answers. 
  3. Switching from one concept to another at a quick pace is an important factor during the exam which tests the mental strength of the candidate. Multi-concept questions are usually asked from the chapters like Integration and Reproductive Health and Chemical coordination. Incorporating all the information, analyzing it, and using it to answer the questions in a matter of seconds with 100% accuracy contributes majorly to success.
  4. The most often done mistake that must be avoided while answering questions of Biology is assuming an answer without reading the complete question and options only because it appears to be too simple. There might be a hidden trick misleading you. Hence, go slow and it can actually help your accuracy. Scan the keywords, process in the mind, and then mark your answer for 100% results.
  5. Often a lot of questions/options appear from Biology NCERT exemplar. Therefore, it needs to be done thoroughly as a step to attain a high score in biology. Aspirants must read the most recent version of NCERT along with all the updated details regarding the syllabus. 

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