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JEE Mains postponed: How to make the most of it?

Coronavirus surge has led to postponing of the JEE exams by NTA for quite some time. As you will be frustrated with the decision — sometimes things are not in our hands! It is best to make this time as productive as you can without stressing it too much. The best thing is you can follow a strategy through this period of uncertainty to firm your understanding of the subject matter. Below are some of the ways which you can follow to make the best of this time:-

1) Invest your Time in Mock-Up Tests

The best thing you can do to make the most of this time is to revise the exams and study its pattern. You can create a whole mock setup for yourself to sharpen your problem-solving skills. It is always advised in the JEE exam to follow a strategy to play it safe. There is no need to attempt all the questions due to negative marking. Put your time only on those questions which you are utterly confident that “I understand what it needs.” This confidence can be built by doing mock-up tests repeatedly to feel the pressure of the exam room and learn how to deal with that pressure. When the confidence falls, even the correct questions can go wrong by overthinking the problem for far too long.

2) Sharpen your Existing knowledge

As you do mock-up tests repeatedly, you gain the confidence to attempt the paper, but don’t forget to sharpen your existing knowledge. As you don’t need to learn everything for the JEE exam because it is not comprehensible, it is good to focus on particular topics. A list of important topics, with their weightage, is available on the internet through many resources. Go through that list and check whether you are covering all of those topics. Once you are confident that you have already covered all those topics, sharpen them by practicing and doing mock-up tests. In the exam, even a single minute matters, so make sure when you do a mock-up test you cover all the questions in three hours but not only that, do as many as you can correctly. Find out the best methods which work for you because no one size can fit all. This mock-up is the chance to find out your approach to the paper.

3) Work on the Weak Areas

It is the most common advice that you can get out there! But I must say you can take it one step further. Invest in one-on-one classes which help you to cover those topics which are not in your strong suit. PracBee is one such platform that offers one-on-one classes, which makes you exam-ready whenever the date for the exam comes. Along with mock-ups and approach finding, it can be the best method to learn about those topics in which you are not confident. If you are up for a challenge, you can learn an entirely new topic for the JEE exam and sharpen it out on mock-ups and general practicing.

Also, don’t stress out the exam — the calmer you are, the better your focus is on the exam.

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