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Some of the best courses other than MBBS for NEET biology student

Every year, lakhs of students appear for the NEET exam to get admission in MBBS course.  But only a few thousand students are able to take admission in MBBS.  The reason for that is NEET is a very tough exam.  Many students appear for this exam, then they get selected in the MBBS course but the candidates who are not able to get in can choose other courses. Many medical courses like BHMS, BAMS, and BUMS are available in India.

BDS is the second most preferable course after MBBS. BDS stands for Bachelor of Dental surgery. Dental plays an important role whenever there is any disease of oral cavity like tooth pain, tooth implant, dentist plays an important role in making the smiling face because teeth help in the facial alignment. Dentists play an important role in relieving wisdom tooth pain. Dentists can work full-time in a hospital or own their dental clinic.

BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurveda medicine and surgery.)

In BAMS, we deal with basic education of traditional Ayurvedic medicine. It is an undergraduate level medical programme. The average fee of the BAMS is economic. Many elders still believe more in Ayurveda than MBBS. In any hospital, you can easily find an Ayurveda wing. The duration of the BAMS course is 5.5 years including a mandatory internship of 12 months.

BHMS ( Bachelor in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)

The duration of this course is 5.6 years including one year rotatory internship. A candidate after completing BHMS is eligible to put a doctor before their name. It is considered that homoeopathy treatment is more effective to eliminate the diseases from their root cause.  BHMS is not hectic when compared with MBBS. Emergency patients cannot be treated with homoeopathy treatment since it’s a time taking medical process.

Paramedical courses


It is a 4½-year undergraduate program that deals with the science of physical movement and channelizing it to prevent disability and diseases of movement.

In surgeries and the orthopaedic department, physiotherapists play an important and effective role. In the sports section, there is a very high demand for physiotherapists and there is very high pay for physiotherapists in the sports department. Therapy helps to treat disorders without using drugs. Physiotherapists should know about the human anatomy and the intricacies of bones, muscles and nerves.

There are many other Paramedical courses For NEET students.

• B.Sc. Nursing

• B.Sc. in Dialysis Therapy

• B.Sc. Medical Lab Technology

• Optometry (B.Sc)

• B.Sc. in X-Ray Technology

• B.Sc. in Nuclear Medicine Technology

• Bachelor of Radiation Technology

• B.Sc. in Operation Theater Technology

• B.Sc in Medical Record Technology

• B.Sc. in Medical Imaging Technlogy

• B.Sc. in Anesthesia Technology

• B.Sc (horticulture)

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