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Life of a NEET aspirant

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Life of a NEET aspirant is pretty hectic, filled with lots of studying and memorising notes, combined with stress and happy moments.

A journey that starts with millions of dreams. You will leave everything for that one goal. You will sacrifice your sleep, your friends gathering , your cousin’s , even your siblings. Confining yourself to one room and studying hard.

Every party , every celebration, every festival will go like poof, for that one ultimate goal “MBBS”. Cutting yourself from social life. Not going to family functions. 

You will follow a strict schedule,  solve many questions, and try to memorise notes. All day thinking about physics, Chemistry, Biology. Even in your dreams you will be solving questions. Your dreams would include questions you were not able to solve or the exam situation in which you didn’t do well etc. 

To be honest, there is a lot of stress in scoring good marks. Stress of not being able to score. Thinking about what if we couldn’t crack it. Many thoughts related to this. Score in your test decides your mood. Good score means your day will be great while a bad score means depression for the day.

Getting up early, starting your day by memorising the notes. Then taking a short break which never feels like a break. Studying in 3 hour sets, going to coaching, self studying, practicing questions. 

Also you feel headaches, nausea, stomach ache etc while preparing due to anxiety. 

There is a lot of family pressure too. Parents expect you to study the whole day. Even relatives commenting on your score and study patterns. Everyone gives you their tips and knowledge. 

But once you start scoring well in test series, there is a very satisfying feeling. You start feeling happy and everything around you changes.

Motivation is needed all the time. Low mood is very common. Taking breaks can sometimes give you stress that you didn’t do the topics you were supposed to. 

After giving the NEET exam, scoring  well seems so good. It all looks like it was worth it. Getting admission in MBBS which was your dream has come true. That feeling will make you forget all the stress you took during your preparation.

It is very important to stay motivated and focus no matter what. Keep giving your best, getting result is totally different. Taking stress won’t take you anywhere. Talk to people who are good for your mental health.

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