In today’s blog, we will discuss why online coaching is better than offline coaching. 

Time management: In online coaching, students do not need to travel to distant places for classes due to which a lot of time is saved which can be put into use by doing different productive things. 

Traveling time: The time that is wasted during traveling for offline coaching is saved because of online coaching. Students can put this traveling time into their studies.

Time is flexible in online coaching. Students can set their classes according to their comfort. In online coaching, students can watch the same video multiple times and they can also record that video and watch it without the internet.

Nowadays, there is a new feature available I.e., interactive sessions which are available at online coachings now. There are several apps like Google meet, Microsoft team, zoom, etc which are used to browse these live classes.

Less interaction among students was seen as one of the major drawbacks of online classes. But with the advancement of technology and improving the efficiency of teachers and 1:1 personalized classes by PracBee, this drawback has vanished. 

In online coaching, students are always updated with things happening around in less time because it is very easy to upload the material online. While on the other hand, a lot of time is wasted in publishing and distributing the material to every student. 

Why choose PracBee’s 1:1 or 1:5 Live online classes over others?

PracBee is an online education platform that helps students in improving their scores by providing quality education, excellent material, and one-on-one interaction under the guidance of highly qualified mentors who guide the JEE and NEET aspirants on the path to success. PracBee believes in proposing customized options to each and every student. Therefore, every course taught is carefully developed ensuring students’ strengths and weaknesses in perspective. The courses are target-centered with realistic objectives from the beginning. Students and aspirants are hand-held and given mentorship remedies whenever there is a need. PracBee is an online knowledge platform that equips students with one on one interaction focusing completely on their learnings and problems. Under the guidance of well-qualified teachers, you can certainly obtain a decent score in your NEET exam.

Youtube is also an online platform where you can watch knowledgeable videos for the NEET exam free of cost. Check out PracBee’s YouTube channel for amazing dose of knowledge 

Self-study also plays an important part to crack any exam. In online coaching, students get enough time for self-study.

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Rechers Jaiswal
Rechers is a Doctor in making and is a 2nd year M.B.B.S. student at Dr Ram Manohar Medical College, Delhi.
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