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You must be scared after reading the word JEE Advanced as there is so much hype in our country regarding this exam that it is the 2nd hardest exam of the country and it is very difficult to crack it!

The truth is very different from these words let me share some of the points with you:-

1. Never ever think that this exam is very difficult and you would not be able to crack it, as this would fit into your subconscious mind then you would never be able to crack the exam even after preparing so well. I wrote this as the first point as this is the most important thing for JEE advanced and most of the students are unable to go through the competition just because of the fear of exams.

2. Start doing the practical things like start focusing on last year’s questions paper. It will help you to understand the pattern of JEE advanced and will help you to know what exactly JEE wants you to do. Never ever think that books like I.E. IRODOV can only help you to crack the JEE advanced exam. When you will solve the JEE advanced questions then you will get to know that more than 50-60% of the question paper was of moderate to easy level, means just little bit above the level of JEE Mains and that percentage of marks are more than enough to get into a good IIT with good branch too, so firstly focus on that 50-60% score only.

3. Start solving more JEE Advanced type questions like multi correct, multiple choice questions, matching type questions, assertion-reason type questions as these would help you to improve your rank towards JEE Advanced.

4. Have a good practice of sitting for 6 hours as it also becomes difficult for many students to sit for 3 +3 hours, sit with an open mind, for this you may solve 10-15 mock tests which may really help you to achieve your goal.

5. Make short notes as this is the thing which reduces your bulk syllabus into small sheets of papers.

In the end, keep calm, be positive and just work hard to achieve your goal.

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All the very best for your exam!

Chirag Bhatia
Chirag is pursuing his B. Tech. from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology popularly known as NSUT affiliated to Delhi University and is currently in his 2nd year.
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