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As there is a saying in life that students cannot become toppers in exams without rigorous practice of their syllabus and revision of what they practiced because without revising all your hard work and study will be of no use.

Many students often cover their syllabus and practice regularly but they often forget to revise the portion they covered or practiced. This results in aspirants forgetting or mixing the topics they covered which helps hinders his/her preparation process. The more they delay in revising the topics covered, the more it results in students hampering their chances to secure a better rank which is important for them to secure a better college and better life.

For example, we have heard from our elders and our teachers that “Chemistry is a subject which is very easy to learn but even easier to forget”. This has happened to us all the time, while preparing we easily cover organic chemistry at god speed so we neglect it for quite some time later, we tend to forget the major reaction mechanisms and pathways and  the analytical tools used to determine the structure and stereochemistry of organic compounds and some of the chemistry of amino acids, peptides, carbohydrates, and nucleic acids. But with daily practice and revision, major reaction mechanisms will be at our finger tips. The same goes for other subjects if you are not regular with your practice and revision process. Aspirants go in a position where they tend to feel tense when they solve sums and practice papers which ultimately make them lose confidence and they finally solve their JEE paper in a state of mind which is not idle for an aspirant to appear.

Many aspirants would find among their peers that some aspirants follow a strict process for preparing JEE paper like studying for 4 hours daily without any practice and revision and also discussing practice papers amongst themselves acing all the questions. Some might feel underconfident seeing this and feel what they are doing wrong and how come he/she are acing everything without any revision and practice. Do not worry, keep practising and revising and working hard. As the aspirant’s final goal is not to achieve ranks among friends and to be superior in solving the practice papers and sums, students’ ultimate goal is to achieve good rank in JEE ADVANCE and secure a seat in one of the most reputed institutes of this country aka IIT.

So to fulfil the dream of securing a seat in one of the IITs one has to have ultimate sense of discipline and dedication and the passion to submerge himself/herself into studying all the topics of all the subjects just like The great ARJUN or JOHN WICK. One should make a basic routine or timetable to achieve the dream because keeping themselves in a routine/timetable helps the aspirant keep a cool and steady head while solving the practice papers or while sitting for any examination. Students are able to recollect the topics covered and it remains at the tip of their tongue or at their fingertips. Finishing off this article with a beautiful quote hoping it inspires many aspirants.

 “The more you leave out, the more you highlight what you leave in.” ― Henry Green. 

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Ankush Das
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