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JEE Main session is right around the corner, with less than a month left for the exams to begin. Many students might be panicked at this moment with their hearts beating fast about the outcome of the exams, but just stay calm and do the needful. In this article, students will get to know what they can do during these last few weeks for JEE mains.

What is to be done?
  • Practice as many full-length mock tests as possible. The best time to practice a mock test is right now; by giving mocks, students can identify their weak areas and make plans to rectify them. To know more about analysing mock tests, read the article- How to analyse your JEE mock tests.
  • Revise all the subjects at least once. Three weeks time is enough for students to just go through the entire syllabus. Students who have earlier made short notes would be at a significant advantage when it comes to revision.
  • Stay calm, and don’t get panicked. Many students who are not able to fetch good marks in mocks or get rank in mocks, experience shell shock and become too depressed and panicked. It’s not to feel sad or depressed; with full confidence in their abilities and preparation, students should utilize this time to prepare well and score high.
  • Don’t skip sleep. Sleep at least 6-7 hours a day to ensure that your cognitive abilities remain at par during the exam.
  • Solve PYQs at least once during the remaining weeks. Nothing is better than the PYQs, don’t try to solve very different mock questions to avoid unnecessary wastage of time. 
What to avoid?
  • Don’t buy new material or open an untouched book.
  • Don’t overstress your body during the last weeks. Some students suddenly start working too hard during the remaining weeks of the exam and get totally exhausted mentally and physically, and are not able to perform well in the exam. So, don’t overstress your body; eat well, sleep well, and remain cheerful.
  • Don’t get distracted. Many students, during the final hours of their preparation, get distracted by youtube or social media. So, avoid these distractions at least till the exam date.
  • Those who have not prepared well or “wasted” their time should just revise whatever they have studied in school and practise as many mock questions as possible. 

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Gaurav Prakash
B Tech IIT Delhi, Founder - PracBee. IIT and NEET Physics author and faculty for 12 years
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