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Physics is always considered the toughest subject for NEET aspirants. Most of the students do not score good marks in physics. It is considered the hardest subject because it requires a clear understanding of concepts and formulas. In today’s blog, we will discuss some important points regarding Physics which will make it more interesting for you to study it and understand its concept by knowing some golden points. Physics scores play a very crucial role in deciding your overall rank. First, know your syllabus and memorize the syllabus well. Divide the important chapters based on the weightage of marks. Revision should be an important part of your timetable. 

Stop fearing and start understanding:-

This is the basic thing to score good marks in any subject and boost your confidence.

To score good marks you should read your class notes multiple times and should always focus on the concept instead of memorizing the thing. Make a separate notebook for formulas and key points. Key points should be specific for each chapter.

Previous year question paper and Mock test:- 

Solve the previous year’s question papers because sometimes 7–8 question comes directly into the exam from the previous year’s papers. Make a habit to solve 1 previous year’s question paper daily. They will give you an idea about the questions that are generally asked in the exam.

Join the mock test series. Mock tests help you to improve your score and they will also boost your confidence. Attempt the mock tests very seriously and analyze your mistakes. Revision is also one of the most important part of any preparation. Make a habit to revise all the topics at least 5 times. 

Pro tip! Take a healthy diet and do proper exercise. It will keep you healthy and stress-free.

Always start solving questions with high weightage chapters like motion in a straight line, laws of motion, gravitational, solid-state, Thermodynamics, waves, oscillation, electrostatic, magnetic field, electromagnetic induction, and modern physics ( for modern physics if you don’t have enough time then just solve previous year papers for modern physics).

These were some things you should keep in your mind before solving any question. The formula should be on your tips and your concept should be crystal clear.

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Rechers Jaiswal
Rechers is a Doctor in making and is a 2nd year M.B.B.S. student at Dr Ram Manohar Medical College, Delhi.
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