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The most efficient way to tackle the NEET question paper

The NEET (UG) Exam requires an aspirant to be prepared on every front – from understanding concepts to memorizing abstract information.

One such area of preparation is Exam writing.

Writing an exam is not as simple as it sounds.

When you have less than a minute to answer a question and so much at stake, it’s better if you walk in prepared.

Below is a strategy that is called “Running rounds”, it is probably the best way to handle your NEET exam.

So here’s how it works:

Round 0 :

Go through the entire question paper for the first 5 mins, no solving or running back of your head calculations just gazing through the question paper once.

Round 1:

In this, first round just solve the questions for which you have an instant answer. This works mostly in biology and chemistry. A lot of direct questions are asked so for them you do not waste a second just see the options, mark them in your question paper and move on to the next one.

After doing this, take out a few minutes and fill in the OMR sheet.

Round 2:

In this running, you solve the questions that are easy for you but will take up a bit of your time because of their calculations.

Do not spend more than 2 mins on any question, period.

Again, go ahead fill in the OMR.

Round 3:

By now you must be done with over 70–75% of your paper and if lucky you’ll still have plenty of time left for the difficult questions.

Not to forget, since you’re done with most of your paper and have filled in the OMR — you’re off the edge and would find yourself much more relaxed by now — which is super helpful for now remaining difficult time consuming questions.

This will probably turn out to be immensely helpful for you as it turned out for me.

Following this, I was able to wrap up my NEET 2017 Question paper in about 2.5hrs & spent the remaining 30mins going through everything again and trying a hand on those questions that I couldn’t solve till that point of time.

All the best to you Future Doctors.

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