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How to be Instantly Productive for JEE Main preparation

JEE is conducted by NTA every year for admission into the prestigious engineering colleges of the country including IIT, NIT etc. Such national-level exams like JEE always have high competition and require intense hard work and focused study throughout the year. However, the time just a few months before the exam is most critical and requires efficient planning to boost productivity and make maximum out of it. This time has to be managed effectively by allocating the right amount of time for revision, mock tests along new topics. Study breaks also should be used in a manner to deal with exam pressure and not allowing it to affect the preparation. In this article, we will share some tips that can help you in managing your time and make life easier at the last times of your preparation.

Ideally, a student should complete his syllabus of JEE Main at least two months before the exam and make a critical review of his current position that includes his strong and weak areas. So, this time has to be focused on consolidation and this should begin with systematic planning and a regular study timetable. Discipline is the key to success in all spheres of life and this has to be applied here in a very strict sense. If a student feels anywhere that they need expert advice and customized mentorship, they should take sessions with IITian faculties at PracBee.

Students should have a priority list of topics in their mind for JEE Main which should be on the basis of its importance with respect to the exam and also their own strengths and weaknesses. More time should be dedicated to revising the topics that account for more marks in the exam. This can be seen and understood by looking at the previous year question papers of JEE Main that are available at www.pracbee.com A proper revision strategy has to be devised with the help of experts at PracBee. Students are also advised to maintain a small diary where they can write important formulas, theorems, reactions, etc. during the revision for JEE Main. This will prove to be fruitful in many senses.

One of the common mistakes that is seen in some students is that they run after too many sources and start looking for new books at this time. Students are suggested to keep themselves restricted to limited sources and majorly focus on their own notes and the books they have followed. If they have created a formula note book since the beginning, it will be most effective now and if they haven’t they can look for the ones that are available in the market.

Last, but not the least, revision should be accompanied with a mock test series that has its own innumerous advantages. Students are highly advised to enroll for a good national level mock test series that will help them in identifying their relative position to other students. It will also help in improving speed and accuracy in the real exam. Many times, very silly mistakes are done by the students during the exam due to exam pressure. Such mistakes can be avoided by the students when they analyse their answers in the mock tests. 

Focusing on these few things will help you in staying away from distractions and make you study efficiently in the exam. IITian mentors at Pracbee can help in devising the right strategy for a student.

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