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NEET is considered as the toughest exam in India, every year 14-16 lakh students appear for this exam and only 70-80k students get the MBBS seats.

So to crack this exam two important things are strategy and the right time to start its preparation .One should start this exam preparation right from class 11. It’s the right time to start for NEET. But it also depends on the student’s ability.

First of all, make a list of important topics for each subject.


Plant physiology 

Human physiology 


Morphology of flowering plant 

Animal kingdom


Chemical bonding 

S, P block 



General Organic Compound and Halaokanes


Laws of Motion




Waves and Oscillations

For biology, read your NCERT first, read it line by line, and highlight all the important points in books. During the reading, more focus should be on examples which are commonly asked in the NEET EXAM. 

You should know each line of NCERT. You can refer to the NCERT Fingertips book, this book is totally based on NCERT, it will help you to memorize each line of NCERT.

Score good marks in the chemistry section:

In physical chemistry to score good marks, your calculation should be strong, in physics mainly questions come on numerical. Formula should be on your tips and you should also know about the application of formula.

In Inorganic Chemistry NCERT is sufficient to score good marks in this section, read the NCERT carefully, highlight all the key points, diagram, flowcharts in the book. Solve previous year questions of inorganic parts. You can refer Arihants question banks for solving questions.

In organic chemistry

Focus on understanding the concept, while solving organic reactions always looks for a stable intermediate. You should know about the strength of carbocation, carbanion, electrophile, nucleophile, and free radical. You can refer OP TANDON for organic chemistry, it will make your concept stronger. 

In Physics, first try to understand the concept, read your class notes multiple times, formula should also be on your tips, around 20-22 questions come on formula. 

Try to solve maximum no. of questions on a daily basis, highlight those questions which you had not solved in your first attempt. Always sit with formula books during solving questions, it will help you to memorise the formula. Join a mock test series. It will give you an idea about the current scenario of the question.

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Rechers Jaiswal
Rechers is a Doctor in making and is a 2nd year M.B.B.S. student at Dr Ram Manohar Medical College, Delhi.
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