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Importance of Revision and Practice in JEE preparation

Practice and Revision are the most important tasks which every JEE aspirant needs to work on. The best way to get the desired results in any exam is to practice as much as you can and revision is the key to recall all those practiced. Here we are going to discuss the importance and strategy for revision and practice.

Importance of Practice:

As you have heard that “Practice Makes a Man Perfect”, this quote is universal truth and to succeed in any respective exam, one has to be thorough with the practice. So in order to get a perfect score in JEE you have to focus on concept building and the concept building can be only done by practicing as many questions as you can. But here one question arises how one should practice, for this we at PracBee have created a scientifically monitored practice platform to clear all your practice related queries. For practicing questions related to any concepts and chapters, just login to our Abhyas platform on any device and start practicing.

Way to analyse your practice

  1. Understanding of Concepts: Once you have practiced some questions you’ll be able to figure out whether you are able to understand the concepts or not.
  2. Practicing problems and understanding of problem solving methods: Once you clear your basics concepts you will be able to solve some high level questions and you will be able to execute different methods and analytical approaches to solve those questions.
  3. Analysis: After you complete some sets of questions, now work on solving questions in specific time i.e, within 1 minute so that you don’t face any time shortage during your exams. Other than this, work on your silly mistakes to avoid negative marking. 

Importance of Revision:

To excel in any exam Revision is the key. It doesn’t matter how many hours you have dedicated during your initial days of preparation, what matters the most is the revision. So it can be simply said that without a proper revision strategy your JEE preparation is incomplete. So to avoid last hour confusion and self-doubt one should have a proper revision planning strategy and dedicate some time just for revision.

Tips for Revision

  1. Make use of the revision notes and flash cards regularly.
  2. Prepare a proper study time-table and stick to it.
  3. At the time of revision, don’t focus on learning anything new.
  4. Practice samples of past year’s question papers and mock tests. 
  5. Take breaks and ensure a healthy sleep cycle.

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