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JEE is the paper for which many candidates lose their sleep for many years. These are the papers that make students future, they become future engineers, helping build a better world. If candidates do not clear the papers they become very dejected and feel unmotivated for the future. So how to attempt the papers is the most important part in cracking the paper and helping you in shaping a better future. The way to approach and attempt the questions in the paper should be the prime priority of aspirants because of how much or how well you study. The most important thing is how you perform and approach the paper on D-day i.e. your JEE exam day.

Candidates worked rigorously to crack the JEE Main exam but were not up to the mark to deliver their best during the exam day. This is because of the fact that students don’t have a plan in place to crack the JEE Main question paper shrewdly. Students must have an idea about the JEE Main question paper format before writing the exam. As a result, candidates should not waste too much time throughout the exam trying to figure out the pattern. The paper comprises MCQs and numeric value answer based questions in the JEE Main exam. Aspirants can visit the to get proper guidance for the JEE Main exam. To know more about how to attempt the paper there are some tips and tricks which are mentioned below:-

Investigate the paper

The most important way to approach the JEE Main Paper is to analyse the questions given in the paper. Candidates must take a quick probe of the JEE Main paper to estimate the overall level of toughness of the questions without losing time. Then screen out all of the simple and average problems. After filtering the paper, answering the simple questions should be first. This will help aspirants boost their JEE Main score and rank.

Order of subjects is the right way for approaching JEE Main question paper

Aspirants must determine in what order they will tackle the remaining questions of the JEE Main once they have completed the relatively easier and average questions. Start with your strongest subject then go on to your weakest and finally to the subject where you’re average. A significant number of questions are eliminated when applicants solve the easiest subject first in the JEE Main paper. As a result, candidates received a good score in the JEE Main within a short period. At the same time, it gives students loads of confidence. As a result of the confidence, aspirants can breeze through the most difficult subjects. Following that candidates can concentrate on the third subject.

Way to Attempt each question

Students must find a way to attempt each question in the JEE Main paper. There are two sorts of questions in JEE Main: MCQs and Numericals. Read the question and make sure aspirants understand what is being asked for multiple-choice questions (MCQs). Check the options and go through each question carefully. After that match them with your answer. To narrow down the alternatives and focus on the remaining options, cross off any answer you know is incorrect. Crossing off the incorrect option helps a lot when aspirants are not sure of the correct answer.

It’s crucial to understand the problem and figure out exactly what you’re supposed to find while answering numerical questions. To get the appropriate answer, concentrate on the procedure. Keep in mind that there will be no negative marking for these answers.

Decide quickly whether to answer the question or not

The right approach to the JEE Main Question Paper is to promptly decide whether or not to answer the question. Read the question carefully to make sure aspirants understand what they’re being asked and what is being provided. Look at the options carefully before attempting to answer the JEE Main question. If candidates don’t know how to answer the question then quickly skip it. Do not allow any particular question to consume your time during the JEE Main exam.

Be careful about the rough work

Make proper use of your rough work. Make sure you don’t make any dumb mistakes when copying the values and vital information.

Utilize your strengths is the best approach for JEE Main question paper

Another strategy for tackling the JEE Main question paper is to start with chemistry and then go for either maths or physics. This method has certain advantages as well. Even if chemistry is your weakest subject, it has the potential to score high marks in the JEE Main exam. It also saves time because it has fewer numericals compared to maths.

Time management

Candidates can use a variety of strategies to solve the JEE Main question paper. But the most important thing to remember is to manage their time. Don’t devote the majority of your time in answering questions from a single section. Set aside a specified amount of time for each section. Candidates must properly manage their time during the JEE Main exam.

Candidates can go through the above-mentioned tips to approach the JEE Main Question Paper in the right way. Finally remember that in JEE Main, speed and accuracy are critical.

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