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Can JEE 2022 session 1 questions be repeated in session 2?

We all are aware of what JEE is. What is it conducted for, how many exams are there, what is the eligibility criteria, what is the question pattern, and so on. But do you ever wonder if there is any similarity between the two JEE exam sessions? We know it may sound weird but let’s discuss this in detail. All of us know that there is more than one session for JEE (sessions mean several attempts). A few years back, there used to be just one exam for JEE every year but in the last few years what we can see is that there is more than one session for JEE. So, now let’s come to JEE 2022. For JEE Main 2022, there were two attempts for the exam. One was conducted in June and the other was conducted in July. But the thing that comes to our mind is, as there are two sessions and in each session, the exam is conducted in different shifts on different days. So, is it possible that session 1 questions get repeated in session 2?

Here in this blog, let’s discuss this. As there are many shifts for the exam, it does not mean the questions will get repeated. It never happens. There are many shifts for the exam so accordingly,  several question papers are created. And that is why each question is different from the other. There is no way that JEE session 1 questions will get repeated in session 2. And even if any two questions look the same then it is just a coincidence and not an exam strategy. But the chance of this coincidence is way too less. To put this in simple words, JEE session 1 questions are never repeated in other sessions. Each time there are new questions for the students to solve. 

In short, try to solve as many new problems and questions as you can because it will be helpful for you in the future. As an aspirant of JEE, keep preparing, keep studying hard, and work on smartly because these things will help you a lot in scoring good marks.

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