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Hello BITSAT aspirants, Devanshu this side. I am currently a first-year BE Mechanical Engineering student at BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus and today I would like to share a definitive guide to crack BITSAT and get your dream seat at the top branches of the 3 Indian BITS Campuses. I would be sharing, how the BITSAT Exam is different from your JEE exams in terms of difficulty, pattern and subjects. Also, I will include some personal mistakes that I regret making so that you can learn from them beforehand. Let’s Go.

Tip 1 : Syllabus Coverage

We’ll a very common question that my juniors ask is “What are the important Chapters for BITSAT”? Unfortunately, the weightage of any chapter in BITSAT is very unpredictable unlike JEE Mains where you can easily predict and work on topics like Modern Physics, Chemical Bonding etc. The primary reason for this is the fact that BITSAT does not have specially designed paper, rather it has a pool of a ton of questions and an automation system randomly generates a paper at the very spot for you. Luckily, the level of questions is way easier than JEE Mains as most of them just test your retention and speedy calculation skills. A key takeaway lesson here is “For BITSAT, in terms of syllabus coverage, Width >> Depth”. Also, I request everyone to not ignore the additional syllabus parts like English, Logical Reasoning and Additional Organic reactions. The often become the filtering parameter when comparing two students with same amount of knowledge in PCM. Some good resources to cover them are PracBee’s BITSAT Exclusive Crash Course or any BITSAT related book (10-15 % of the contents here are slightly irrelevant though).

Tip 2 : Working on Speed and Retention

Speed and quick retention power are the two main pillars to ace your “BITSAT” exams. Sure the level of questions in these papers are comparatively easy but the main challenge here is to have the entire syllabus at your finger-tips and to have a considerably good  speed and handle all the exam pressure at the same time. There are a bunch of exercises you can practice to improve these. For speed improvement, I suggest time-bound practice from BITSAT material and solving a good number of mocks beforehand. For retention improvement, I suggest students to make concept maps and short notes and keep revising them time to time. Also, working under an experienced teacher will give you a great edge as he/she does all the hard-work of designing materials and cheat-sheets while you can just devote all your time to work on things that benefit you the most.

Tip 3 : Some of My Personal Mistakes to learn from

  1. Did not have a tested paper attempting strategy before-hand;
  2.  Did not practice the 12 Bonus Questions Gamble Calculations at home which resulted negatively on the exam day;
  3. Did a lot of guess work especially in the English section (remember, it’s a 33% negative this time);
  4. Weak rough paper management (unlike JEE, you will get only limited rough papers in BITSAT so make sure you use the spaces effectively)

So, yup here it is………..

Some BITSAT Tips I wish that my seniors had told me back then.

Hope I was able to add some value in your preparation journey.

Also, as the BITSian culture goes, we always tend to go that extra mile just to help our juniors…….so if anyone of you has any problem, do reach out to us”.

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Gaurav Prakash
B Tech IIT Delhi, Founder - PracBee. IIT and NEET Physics author and faculty for 12 years
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