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JEE is one of the toughest entrance exam, which tests aspirants on many parameters. JEE tests a candidate’s knowledge level, problem-solving skills, depth of understanding, concentration ability, logical ability, and much more. To perform their best on all matters, aspirants should possess certain qualities, which helps them not only for JEE in particular but in their life in general. Some of the essential qualities JEE aspirants should have are as follows- 

  • Self-confidence- Self-confidence is a firm belief in one’s abilities and skills. Usually, JEE requires at least two years of hard work to score a good rank. During their preparation journey, students very often lose their confidence and become worrisome of their abilities. But it will not help; students should prepare well and should regularly give mock tests to test and be sure of their abilities. Apart from JEE, this quality is crucial for performing well in one’s professional life.
  • Patience- As the saying goes, ” good things come to those who wait”. While preparing for JEE, many students lose their patience when they are not able to complete their lessons or are not able to score well. While giving mock tests, when solving difficult questions, students often become impatient and either skip the questions or solve them incorrectly. So, it is better to develop patience as JEE is not a one-day affair but require a lot of hard work for a considerable amount of time.
  • Critical thinking- Critical thinking is a buzzword many students would have often come across. Critical thinking is a logical and all-around analysis of a problem to arrive at the best solution. Critical thinking helps students in many ways- it helps them analyse the exam pattern and trend and derive useful inferences, it helps them solve difficult questions which require a good conceptual understanding, and most importantly, it helps them to analyse their mistakes and take proper steps to correct them. 
  • Time management- Time management is a crucial skill for JEE aspirants, as they have a lot of questions to solve within a limited time. Further time management also helps students during their preparation journey. Many students start their preparation with full confidence and dedication, but because of their poor time management, they cannot complete the syllabus on time. So it’s better to develop time management skills early on for full and effective utilisations of their time. 

The above were a few crucial qualities required for good preparation and a good rank. Students should try their best to develop these qualities for their future. 

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Gaurav Prakash
B Tech IIT Delhi, Founder - PracBee. IIT and NEET Physics author and faculty for 12 years
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