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JEE Main 2024 Session 2 Live Updates: B.Tech Paper 1 Exam Analysis & Guidelines

The first session of JEE Main 2024 Session 2 for B.Tech (Paper 1) has concluded today, April 6th, 2024. As students gear up for the next session, here’s a one-stop resource for live updates, exam analysis, and important guidelines:

Live Updates:

  • No official live updates are provided by the National Testing Agency (NTA) regarding difficulty level or question types.
  • However, educational websites and coaching institutes often compile reports based on student feedback after the exam. These reports can offer insights into the perceived difficulty level and weightage of different topics within Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

Exam Analysis (Based on Past Trends & Student Feedback):

  • Difficulty Level (Overall): Based on analysis of previous exams in Session 2, the overall difficulty level for B.Tech Paper 1 is expected to be moderate.
  • Subject-wise Analysis:
    • Physics: Generally considered to be of moderate difficulty, with a mix of conceptual and application-based questions.
    • Chemistry: Often considered the easiest section, with a focus on NCERT syllabus and basic understanding of concepts.
    • Mathematics: Can be moderate to difficult, with questions testing problem-solving abilities and application of various formulas.

Important Guidelines:

  • Answer Key Release: The official answer key for today’s exam is not expected to be released immediately. The NTA typically releases the answer key a few days after the exam concludes for Session 2.
  • Response Sheet Challenges: Candidates will have a designated window after the answer key release to challenge any discrepancies they find. Follow the official NTA website for specific dates and procedures.
  • Result Declaration: The final JEE Main 2024 results for Session 2 are expected to be declared a few weeks after the exam concludes on April 12th.

Reliable Sources for Further Information:

  • The official NTA website: https://nta.ac.in/Engineeringexam
  • Reputable educational websites and coaching institutes known for their JEE analysis (avoid unofficial sources with potentially misleading information).


  • The information on difficulty level is based on past trends and student feedback. It’s not an official statement from NTA.
  • Focus on analyzing your own performance and identify areas for improvement while preparing for the next session or future exams.

We hope this information proves helpful!

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