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Which book is good to start with: CENGAGE or R.D Sharma?

As we are comparing these two books I.e., CENGAGE and R D Sharma that means we are specifically talking about math subject and JEE preparation. And when it comes to JEE preparation then it becomes very important to know which book one should start. The thing is that for JEE preparation one should always start with the NCERT textbook for each subject. But we are already aware that just NCERT is not enough to follow for JEE and hence one needs a reference book. 

But when it comes to starting the JEE preparation then students should start with basic material. Let’s say that if you choose a book like CENGAGE at just the beginning then you won’t be able to solve it and the result that will come is demotivation and loss of confidence. So, to build this confidence one needs to start with basic materials. And for the foundation level, RD Sharma is a good option as CENGAGE is mainly for advanced levels. R D Sharma will help one to advance the skills from basic level to advanced level and once you reach the advanced level then you can go through the CENGAGE book. So, always start with R D Sharma (if only these two options are available), and then you may go with CENGAGE. 

Whenever you start a topic for math, first go through the NCERT textbook. Solve examples, solve exercise problems and solve miscellaneous problems too. Once this gets done then go through R D Sharma. Here also start with examples and then exercise problems. Once you gain confidence with the basics then only start solving CENGAGE book problems. CENGAGE book is for JEE advanced so one should follow this book only if the aspirant is doing advanced centric preparation. But no, if one is doing JEE mains-oriented preparation then there’s no need to go through the CENGAGE book. It’s not that if you won’t study this book then you might lag. Choice of the books totally depends on the level of preparation you want to do. But though as one will be preparing for JEE main then the student needs to prepare in the pattern of JEE main.  But for the initial stage, R D Sharma should be chosen over the CENGAGE book. Over time you may certainly switch to the CENGAGE book.

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