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JEE Mains Physics Paper Analysis of February 2021 Session

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 Following is the question distribution from different chapters of Physics in February 2021 session of JEE Main

After analyzing the trend of questions from different topics from all the 6 papers of JEE mains we have come up with following suggestions to help you score better in upcoming attempts of JEE main in March, April and May 2021.

Important Points

1. Mechanics has bulk syllabus but questions asked were very less from this section.( Average is 4 Questions per paper from Mechanics )

2. Gravitational has been a very high payoff topic. Small chapter, even need not study if you are thorough with Electrostatics (as both are similar in formula and concepts).On an average 2 questions per paper.

3. SHM is another simple and small chapter with on an average 2 questions per paper. And if you are good in SHM then Alternating Current becomes easy to understand.

4. KTG and Thermodynamics is another easy topics from where we got on an average 3 question per paper.

5. Electrostatics and Current electricity had 4 question per paper.

6. AC, EM Waves, Wave Optics and Polarization are very- very small topics and on an average we had 2 questions from these topics combined.

7. Modern Physics had 3 questions on an average.

8. Semiconductor though a theoretical and conceptual chapter but questions are pretty straight forward and had at least 2 questions on an average per paper.

9. Communication another easy part had 1 question per paper

So If you were thorough with these chapters (nearly half the syllabus) you could have easily solved 18 questions out of 25.

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