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Mistakes to be avoided before JEE exam

Along with JEE preparation strategy, study tips and tricks, study schedule, it is equally important to know about mistakes which people make before exam, and which needs more attention for JEE. Students can considerably increase their JEE marks and level up their rank by not making those mistakes or by avoiding those mistakes.

JEE exam will never test one’s comprehension on topics that are not even the part of syllabus. While preparing for the exam, it is very easy to go off track and study things that are not the part of syllabus. This will become a big issue as it will waste your time as well as efforts. So, make sure that you have the hardcopy or softcopy of JEE syllabus. So that you don’t have to study out of syllabus topics.

NCERT textbooks are compulsory for JEE preparation as it covers basics of every topic. It is the closest and most significant guide for exam preparation. Sometime direct question is picked from NCERT in JEE exam, while some of the time exercise questions or something similar to that question is picked. So, it is important to go through line by line of NCERT textbook. Taking NCERT lightly can cost one heavily.

While preparing for JEE people make very common mistake that they count their progress in number of hours put in the preparation. Instead, aspirant should check how many questions one was able to solve correctly in fixed time. People should take mock test, and they should compare their test marks from previous test marks such that actual progress can be measured. Instead of looking at how many hours have been utilized in the preparation, focus on how many hours have been efficiently utilized. You can take free mock test on PracBee App. 

While preparing for JEE, students ignore the topics that they find hard. But it’s not correct; the best way is to face that topic. Look one can’t ignore any topic because in JEE exam question may be from any topic.

People preparing for JEE gets confused about study materials and that’s why they choose lots of books. But having too many study resources is waste of money and time. One reference book along with the chief and principal NCERT is just adequate for JEE preparation. The reference books can be coaching material or any other book.

People preparing for JEE exam gets too nervous before exam, so one needs to be confident. One needs to do hard work and be relaxed so that one they can perform better without any pressure. People preparing for JEE don’t get enough sleep most of the time, hence maintaining a better sleep is important.

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