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Should you prepare for JEE Advanced after qualifying JEE Main?

One who starts preparing for JEE, the first thing which should be clear to him or her is the goal like if an aspirant wants to prepare for JEE main or for JEE Advanced. If an aspirant has a clear goal, then they can easily do oriented preparation. If JEE advanced is your target then you need to do Advanced oriented preparation. And if JEE Main is your target then you need to do JEE Main- oriented preparation. And if JEE Main and JEE Advanced both are your goal then you need to prepare for both these exams from the start. But some of the times it happens that aspirants do JEE Main- oriented preparation but after the JEE Main exam they make up their mind to appear for JEE advanced. 

In this way, after conducting the JEE main they have to face more trouble to prepare for JEE Advanced. And it is because of the fact that they have never prepared for JEE Advanced and the pattern of both these exams is very different. One who has prepared for JEE main cannot crack JEE Advanced, for that aspirant needs to prepare. One may think that it is good to prepare for JEE Advanced after JEE Main. Then you must be aware of the fact that preparing for JEE Advanced after JEE main will be one’s own decision but I would advise you to prepare from start. 

The syllabus for both these exams is almost the same but one has to prepare for a few topics separately. So, after JEE main gets conducted then aspirants need to download the syllabus for JEE Advanced. Tick all the topics which are common in both JEE main and JEE advanced. You just need to solve advanced pattern problems for all those topics and if you think that you need to go through concepts in more depth then you can proceed with that. 

You need to first cover the concepts and then you have to solve problems. Practice problems of JEE Advanced like multi concept problems, multiple correct answers and revise again and again. Try to solve new problems because JEE Advanced always comes up with new problems. That’s why it is important for an aspirant to be good at tackling new problems. So, if an aspirant wants to prepare for JEE advanced after JEE main then aspirants need to revise, need to practice and learn new concepts because JEE Advanced is tougher than JEE Main.

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