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The dilemma of choosing subjects after class 10th

After class 10th every Indian student has the conundrum of choosing the subjects to pursue their career. There is always a state of confusion among students while choosing their stream, especially those who are taking up science. The dilemma lies in choosing Mathematics and Biology or both of them together along with Physics and Chemistry. Choosing the streams will not only help them in learning the basics of professional graduate courses but also the basics of the industries they want to work for the rest of their lives. To be clear before choosing any streams aspirants must introspect, what is my goal in life? Are my subjects in sync with my goal? In addition to this, students must also consider important things before choosing any streams.

This article will bring light to the advantages and disadvantages, prospects and other issues students and parents face while choosing a stream. For any aspirant who is in a state of the learning process, it is highly recommended to go through the article to get a good overview of the areas helping you make the best choice helping you shape your future.

PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Maths)

It is one of the most popular and chosen streams by students from every state in India. PCM is honestly the most talked about and considered one of the promising streams because after passing the 12th board it makes students eligible for various courses in India and abroad. PCM is the core subject that lays the foundation for future engineers and mathematicians. PCM is also chosen by many students as this stream opens the horizon of electing a professional in a technical field after 4 years and lets you earn big bucks or can go for further studies and do research in your desired field.

To choose PCM after the 10 board exam students must secure 60% and above and more specifically 65% in maths and science. These criteria change from school to school and board to board, but these are the specifications one should meet.

As mentioned above PCM being the most chosen stream after 12th many courses can be pursued by the students. After 12th with PCM and good grades, students can pursue engineering B.Tech/B.E or management BBA or more conventional course such as computer applications (BCA) and science (B.SC). So if you are in love with math and engineering PCM is the stream one should be enrolling into to broaden prospects. 

PCM and enrollment in a good graduate/group program, students can achieve a professional profile as an engineer, manager, analyst, technician and more. There are many companies, both private and public, that hire these professionals. After PCM, one can be sure that one will have a great career.

PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

This is the 2nd most popular choice among students. It is pursued by many who choose to become future physicians and health professionals. PCB is beneficial for aspirants who want to work as doctors or specialists in the field of medicine. After graduation one can become a doctor and earn a lot of money.

There are many courses that you can choose after school in the PCB stream, you can choose MBBS, dentist, nutritionist, health specialist, trainer and many other fields. In short, if you are interested in biology and the human body, PCB is the ideal course for you.

One needs to secure 60% in science subjects and have passed with 55% to admit in most Indian board schools with PCB.

PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Math, Biology)

This type, of course, is the least taken course by the student due to the workload which comes with it. The laborious work which comes in studying math and biology together takes a heavy toll in minds of students. But it opens up many career options for the students.

Fields which can be explored only if you know both Mathematics and Biology, such as Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, Bio-Statistics, Epidemiology, Bio-Informatics, Bio-Mathematics, Population Ecology, Genetic Engineering, Bio-Mechanics, Agricultural Engineering, and so on. If these fields interest you and you wish to explore a career in any of them, then opting for Mathematics and Biology together would make sense.


Hope this article clears your mind and gives students a basic overview of the major and most popular streams to choose from after class 10th.

Finally, it is up to parents and students what to choose from after the 10th. But students must always think and analyze what subjects they love and what type of work they would love to do. The subjects should be chosen according to their dreams not motivated by money. Money can be earned but one should try to find work which gives you perfect life and work balance.

Be wise in choosing your path, for today is the beginning of the rest of your life. -R Banuelos

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