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CBSE Class 12 Board Exams Cancelled. What now?

CBSE 12th Board Exam has been cancelled for this year due to the pandemic. This is good news. As a senior, I am really happy for you all, as dealing with Board examinations can often become a major hurdle in effectively studying and revising for your competitive papers like JEE and NEET for which you must be doing extensive preparation.

In this article, I shall be sharing some things you can expect from NTA and few tips to ace your preparation in these uncertain times.


Well, as we know the new dates for JEE Mains have not been announced yet and the ones for NEET are likely to be postponed as well. I have personally gone through this “EXAM UNCERTAINTY TRAUMA”, the previous year and I totally get that maintaining a good mental temperament in these conditions is not at all easy. I personally think that NTA will start conducting these exams by the last week of August but again, there is no credible source except official tweets to accurately say this. The only silver lining in this is the fact that whenever the exams shall be conducted, the announcements regarding them will be made before a good 15-20 days period.

YOUR ACADEMIC STRATEGY IN THESE TIMES: In times like these, students often get confused on how they should strategize their academics. Should I join a crash course or should I just go for self-study? Should I keep revising my notes or should I just attempt tests?

I personally feel that the answers to questions like these heavily varies from student to student and their preparation status. A good mentor that can guide you, communicate with you and motivate you every day definitely brings a good amount of clarity in such situations. Finding quality mentors and coaches can be quite a tedious job, which is why I definitely recommend everyone to checkout PracBee. They provide top notch one-to-one tutoring services along with personal mentorship from IITian professors themselves. Also, a lot of students worry about the increase in the competition due to some extra time given but I personally feel that mental state all of us have been going through due to these times, totally cancels it out.


Dear Juniors, I totally get the mental state you guys are currently in. I am sure, this decision to cancel the 12th CBSE Board Exams has brought a good amount of relief to you all. But again, most of you must have already started planning your further academic strategies, reading blogs and watching videos etc. I do appreciate it. But again, I would recommend you all to treat these times like a marathon rather than a sprint. If you are exhausted, I really don’t see any harm in you taking a 3-5 day break and spending some good times with your family, friends and yourself. If you are able to study just 50% of the time you usually used to do, it is absolutely fine. Stressing about things like these is what hampers your preparation the most. So, take care of your mental health and overall happiness because that’s what matter the most. Lastly, I would like you to realize that we are attempting “COMPETITIVE EXAMS” and this feeling of mental distress is among each of your competitors as well. Just remember the marathon analogy where you often take those cool-down walks to avoid any breakdown and sprint with all you have got in the very end 🙂

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