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Private Medical College Vs Government Medical College

With the government pushing a draconian 65% caste based reservation policy for entry into medical colleges across India there is going to be a paradigm shift in the medical education sector.

India has a limited number of seats in medical colleges and a high level of competition for the same.

Should an aspirant fail to fetch a Government Medical College (GMC) seat after tirelessly trying for the same the options that he/she is left with are:

1. Take a drop

2. Opt for some other course

3. MBBS in PMC

4. MBBS abroad

Out of these, we’re going to be talking about MBBS in PMC (Private Medical College) in India. First & foremost, have a clear mind. There is absolutely nothing inherently wrong with pursuing a MBBS in a PMC. The only reason they’re looked down upon by a few is because they’re expensive when compared to a GMC. That scenario may change soon as government has been hiking the fee in almost all the GMCs.

Now before we proceed further I’d like you to know that there are basically two varieties of PMCs, ones that are genuinely good and offer quality medical education & then there are the ones that are solely set up for the purpose of using students as cash cows.

It’s imperative that you carry out a proper research of your own before deciding on your college.

The advantages of PMC:-

1. Timely classes and completion of syllabus: Unlike GMCs which is famous for having professors that sometimes do not show up throughout the year.

2. Infrastructure & modalities: As a general rule, PMCs have better infrastructure and investigative & treatment modalities as compared to an average GMC. They spend heavily on latest equipments & technologies. As a doctor of the future, it’s imperative that you have this exposure.

3. After you graduate and go out looking for a job or pursue your higher education there is literally no difference or bias when compared to a GMC student. You are eligible for any post that you apply for & there is no bias or discrimination whatsoever.

The disadvantages of PMC:

1. Cost: This is obvious. The cost of completing your MBBS from a PMC in India may run anywhere from 30L to 2Cr. The former is likely in case of a merit seat and the latter in cases of management quota seats.

2. Patient footfall: Depending on your college you might find that the patient footfall to the hospital isn’t enough or poor. So the onus is on you to verify the same before taking admission. A good patient exposure is essential for churning out good physicians & surgeons.

3. Management Drama: Unlike GMCs where the management couldn’t give lesser two hoots about you, the management in a PMC is usually a pain to suffer. They’re nosy and any mischief is met with strict actions including termination of your course and heavy penalty.

Having put forward the major pros and cons I’d be signing off with this bottom line :

If you can afford MBBS in a decent PMC then it is always better to opt for that rather than keep running the rst race that is entrance exams or worse, having to give up on your dream of becoming a doctor.

There are no differences between a meritorious MBBS graduate from a PMC & that from a GMC.

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