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Why having best faculty for JEE preparation is important?

Teachers are the ones who make our life easier and make our future. Without them, we are just nomads in our JEE and NEET preparation. They implement the idea of being in a reputed institute and a beautiful future. But sometimes this guidance tends to be shaping the students future in a wrong path or taking a 3600  turn in preparing them for JEE exams. Many faculty just teach aspirants for money or fulfilling their vested interest without helping or solving the doubts. Faculty members from mass coaching institutes are just robotic and never help the students after their shift is done. They just teach in a monotonous system followed for years. But with the growing need for coaching and times, advancing with technology faculties should also develop themselves with time and need. Good teachers recognize you if you are consistently good in your tests and admire you, which gives you a boost. What makes a teacher important is that he/she first interacts with us to understand us, our strengths and our weakness, accordingly giving us time to time goals and raising our self-confidence. The lessons first hearing from them and then self-studying for me is the best way to memorize any JEE concepts. He/she give tricks or methods innovative which just save our time during exams.  A teacher could simply turn your whole life destination to the next level of unbounded success.

Many coaching centres with significant names in the market would present themselves as someone who takes care and are up to date with the needs of preparing the aspirants for JEE during orientation or demo class. With time they just start dividing students based on their performance. As the performance of the student dips, inexperienced teachers or faculties with low quality are imposed on. The institutes just say that the students have to earn the place to be taught by the best teacher of that institute. Rather score high in mock test to be in a top brass. This creates a negative atmosphere affecting the students’ performance further.

For me, a teacher should be someone who makes teaching fun and makes us love the subject he/she is teaching. Teaching in such a way that we can impart the knowledge to anyone with ease and remembering it for life or making the subjects our favourite one for life. Like many students have anxiety for maths but with good faculty and new techniques they can fall in love with the subject. A teacher will mould you into a proper human. Not only teaching is important but also making the student relate with the subject and making him/her comfortable with it is a big solution to any problem. So, a good mentor is always necessary.  A teacher can develop your interest or he can spoil your interest in his/her subject. Every aspirant knows without growing interest in subjects you cannot excel in exams or honestly grasp the concepts taught by them. You only become a student who just mugs up the formula and concepts to try to crack the JEE exam. A very good teacher can also morally uplift you by helping you clear up your concepts making you confident in your mock test and finally helping in your JEE examination.

Finally, to end this article I would like to say that having the best faculty should be the number 1 priority of every aspirant and their parents. The experience of the teachers can guide you to unparallel success in JEE. Best faculty gives the students their undivided attention and tips to reach great heights.

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 “A gifted teacher is not only prepared to meet the needs of today’s child but is also prepared to foresee the hopes and dreams in every child’s future.”- Robert John Meehan.