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Things to do to avoid silly mistakes in the NEET UG Exam

The NEET UG Exam by it’s very nature is a comptetive exam, it’s a zero sum rule — Your loss is someone else’s gain.
The worst thing that a candidate can do for himself is to make silly mistakes and loose marks in questions that he knows the concepts and solutions to.
These so called silly mistakes are not as uncommon as one might think.
A lot of beginners make these mistakes quite frequently and they more often than not can be a source of self doubts and frustration.
However, there is a good news. Silly mistakes are something that can go away and borderline be made extinct.
The below mentioned modalities are time tested and cent percent effective if followed religiously.
So, what’s the secret?
• Solving MCQs : This is by far the gold standard for eliminating silly mistakes. No matter how cliche it might sound but the old idiom that “Practice makes perfect” fits perfectly here. Solving MCQs is the perfect way to train your brain, the better the brain is trained the less likely it is to make mistakes in the main exam.
• Mock Tests : These tests not just help you go through the entire syllabus but also put you through the mental, physical and emotional pressures of the main exam. The more you face them, the less likely you’ll be to succumb to these pressures in the main exam. So don’t be scared of them, embrace them and give as many mocks as you possibly can. You can get FREE mock tests on PracBee App. Download now and start practicing.
• Routine habituation : Suppose your NEET UG Exam is scheduled to be from 0900hrs to 1200hrs. Then it’s strongly recommend that everyday during your self study hours you sit at your table and chair and solve a PYQ paper in a time bound manner just like you would in NEET. This will help your brain and body get habituated to the exam during those hours and you’ll find yourself to be much more relaxed than you would find yourself otherwise.
• Medition and Mental Health : While solving MCQs is the cornerstone to becoming an aspirant who makes very less silly mistakes. A healthy, calm and composed mind is a good weapon to carry in your NEET exam. Meditation is a proven method to calm ones brain and make one better at concentration and resilient. The better the concentration, axiomatically the less you are to make silly mistakes in the exam hall.
• Avoiding Burnouts : You must remember that medicine is not just another 3-4 years long graduation degree. It’s a lifestyle. You’ll be tested time and again and every time the competition will be stiffer and completely different. One needs to make sure that they do not suffer frequent burnouts. The best thing to do to avoid these is to make sure you take frequent breaks. Go out for walks, exercise 20mins a day and stay in touch with people who are good for your mental health and the ones who believe in you. Mental health in India is underrated. A person in a burned out state will not just commit silly mistakes but blunders as well.
Hope this was helpful & that you leave a better candidate for the exam from whence you came.

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