Whenever one is going to appear for the JEE exam, then the first question that comes in mind is if they are eligible for the exam or not. Not only that, even when we have to apply for something we first look at its eligibility criteria to know if we meet their eligibility criteria or not. So, similarly here we are going to discuss who is eligible for JEE main, what are the major factors that decides one’s eligibility criteria, is there any age limit criteria or not. So, we will try to discuss this in reference to JEE Main 2023 so that it can be easier to understand. We are not discussing JEE main 2022 because only two months are left for the exam to be held and most of you must be already aware about eligibility criteria, but if you want to know then let us tell you that most of the criteria will be similar for JEE main 2022 as well.

Let’s start with age limit criteria, so please know  that there are no age limit criteria for JEE main unlike JEE advanced where one has to meet age limit criteria. Next criteria that we will discuss is qualification. So, one can appear for JEE main 2023 only if he / she is going to appear for class 12 board or equivalent exam in 2023 or that aspirant has cleared class 12 board or equivalent exam in 2021 or 2022. Now, if we talk about class 12, let me tell you that an aspirant will be eligible for JEE main if that aspirant meets 75 percent criteria in class 12 board or equivalent exam. That is, the aspirant must have scored at least 75 percent in class 12. But let me tell you that this criterion has been waived off for JEE main 2022. Now let’s discuss the number of attempts criteria. One aspirant will be eligible for JEE main only if this is his/ her first attempt or second attempt or third attempt because the maximum number of attempts for JEE main is 3 in 3 consecutive years.

These are some of the major criteria which decides who will be eligible for JEE main. So, if you are also going to appear for JEE main, then from here you can easily get an idea that you will be eligible or not. If you are eligible for JEE main then utilize this opportunity to do hard work, to study and crack JEE main. Cracking JEE main is easier if you are focused.

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Rituja Rani
Rituja Rani hails from Bihar and is in her 3rd year of B.Tech course at NIT Jalandhar.
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