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Why are JEE students not motivated during their JEE preparation?

Preparing for JEE and other competitive exams are uncanny, there are ample number of success mantras from a number of past rank holders advising the aspirants to follow the same success map, that benefitted the former. But what most of the sources do not teach are the common mistakes that the aspirants make while preparing and the ways to overcome those mistakes.

As the competitive exams like JEE have a huge syllabus to prepare, with a non-traditional exam pattern, one needs a long preparation module backed by strong understanding of concepts, then followed by a good revision schedule and also a attempt of good number of mock tests. Hence, this whole action cools down to a long process, that requires a strong strong-motivational trait in the aspirant. This blog would essentially tell you some common mistakes, that you are most likely to fall for and a few proven methods to boost your motivation.

Here are some common mistakes that aspirant usually commit in the traditional way of preparing for an exam-

  • Being relaxed during the grade-11th, accumulating whole pressure to be faced in the grade-12th along with the boards– It appears a good idea to be relaxed and procrastinate during the first year of the preparation as these topics do not have a lot of weightage. But what the aspirants miss is, that these topics carry a lot of concepts that are majorly used in the scoring topics in grade-12th
  • Measuring productivity in number of hours– It is a common mistake that most of the aspirants commit by measuring the output for the day in a number of hours. For example, a statement like “I solved 100 problems today.” gives you a better idea of where you stand, rather than saying, “I studied Math for 4 hours today.” 
  • Not having a balanced preparation strategy for the syllabus– Normally, students either go for their strong subjects, neglecting the subject which they find tough. The aspirants should always remember that once the question paper for their strong subject appears to be easy, it is no more a deciding factor for you, as most of the aspirants can score good marks in the subject. Hence, the aspirants must have a balanced preparation for all the subjects, ensuring themselves to be ready for any situation.
  • Being confident by inferences from the school tests– Most of the aspirants overestimate their potential, by drawing inferences from school tests and post coming to the JEE mocks, such aspirants lose their confidence and often believe themselves to be unfit for the competition. Hence, even though one performs well in class tests and mock tests, one should have a humble attitude and always try to learn kind of attitude.
  • Thinking JEE and other exams as the end-game– JEE and other similar exams are just an entrance exam for an undergraduate program. While appearing for JEE, aspirants are hardly 17 yrs of age, with most of the part of life waiting ahead. However, the candidates should understand that JEE is important, but there are ways other than this, to achieve. Take every part of the preparation as a chance to learn and become a better version of yours.

Study sincerely, fall in love with the subjects, avoid worrying too much about the results and focus on enjoying the journey of your JEE preparations.

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