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Everyone is preparing for NEET (UG) Exam 2022 but what can you do differently to get an edge over the rest of them?

Below are a few habits that’ll help you get the most out of your efforts & give you an edge over your peers:

The central idea behind every competitive exam is to give preference to solving MCQs/PYQs of NEET/AIPMT/AIIMS/JIPMER & MAINS. The earlier you realise that your time is better spent at solving papers than at re reading books the better off you’ll be.

Analysis: Most students solve papers in Test Series & then use that question paper as a dust wrap. Well, you shouldn’t. Solving papers is half the job done, the remaining is to analyse the paper to chalk out your mistakes and weak points to better yourself – that is how you grow. Initially it’ll be tedious but soon you’ll get efficient.

Alternative sources: Many times you’ll come across concepts that you just don’t understand in class or even after discussing them with your peers. The best thing to do in such a situation is not to let them go but to use alternative sources like a plethora of YT channels to clear your doubts. 

Revision is the key: One thing that you’ll find common among achievers among competitive exams is that they make sure that their first reading is swift – even if there are a few gaps left in the understanding and then clearing up everything with consecutive revisions. The idea behind this approach being that everything is covered at least 3-4 times to commit things to your memory. It’s useless to know a few things in great depth and other things poorly. When the syllabus is vast, your best bet is to cover everything n number of times.

Inoculating the aforementioned attributes to your preparation is bound to give you better results, some people know about these things and fewer still actually follow them.

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Utkarsh Singh
Utkasrh Singh is a final year student at Rajiv Gandhi University of health and science.
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