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Things to do in the last few days of your NEET preparations.

Preparation for the exam is a long process and contains several dimensions to itself.

One such crucial phase of it would be the last phase of the preparation.

This would include the last four weeks of the NEET Exam preparation & managing this phase could be challenging as alot of students don’t know what’s best for them & that leads to confusion & panic.

Here are a list of things to do that shall be of most help & are universally applicable to all aspirants:

• Final revision : Give one last good read to all that you feel is important, however remember not to overstress on reading from cover to cover, be selective in reading what you feel is important & stick to that.

• Practice: The thing that yields the highest dividends is solving MCQs from worthwhile sources. Solving MCQs can also be a form of revision in itself as not only it tests your memory but also fact retrieval ability & the ability to apply concepts – these are the things that you’ll need the most in your exam.

Worthwhile sources – NCERT at your fingertips & DC Pandey for Physics.

• Giving exams: Needless to say, giving exams like AIATS & ALLEN All India Test series is important. Not only they help you gauge in terms of where you stand but also make you used to the exam like environment and stresses of the same. This will come in handy when you’re in the actual exam hall writing the exam.

• Previous Year Papers : These are much underrated. If you can, you should try solving as many PYQs as you can at your home or hostel room in an exam like setting in a time bound manner. PYQs are the best mock tests that you can have.

PYQs of NEET/AIPMT/JEE MAINS (Physics/Chemistry) are important.

• Analysis:  Many students don’t realize but solving MCQs/PYQs or giving mock tests is actually only half the work done. The remaining half is going back home and analyzing what you got wrong & to rectify the same. This can be time consuming in the beginning as you don’t know how to do it efficiently but once made a part of routine you’ll be able to do it at a faster rate & this will help you enormously.

• Motivation: For me personally, whenever I got bored or felt drained. It was always motivating for me to read on what college life in med school is like. Not only did it prepare me for what I was to experience but also reminded me why I was putting myself through all of this.

Read up on your favourite college, what books people read in what year, what the subjects are like & whatever tickles your fantasy.

Another important aspect would be to have a peaceful mind.

Talk to your good friends, take a walk, listen to some music & talk to supportive family members.

These little things help in keeping the sanity of your mind & keep you calm.

They also help you prepare for the stress that your mind & body will likely go through in the upcoming weeks.

All the best!
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