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Things to do before Med School begins

If this article drew your attention, then chances are you’ve already given your NEET UG exam and feel lucky to have cleared it.

There is ample of time between giving the exam and finally joining your med school & if you cannot make up your mind about how to go about spending this time then this article is just for you.

Here are a few honest suggestions:

First and foremost – if you can, then you must travel!

You’ve been working very hard over the past couple of years and you’ve finally made it.

You deserve a genuine unwinding of your nerves and nothing does it better than a travel vacation. However, if that is not an option or you do not prefer it otherwise here are a few other more academic options.

Download few relevant apps or watch Najeeb lectures on YouTube that are relevant to First year subjects — Anatomy, Biochemistry & Physiology. Do not pay for them now, just watch the free videos of the subjects and topics that interest you. Most videos won’t be available for free but still you’ll get a head start and get familiarized with as to what kind of education lies ahead.

You can alternatively download free eBook for Cunningham manual for anatomy.

I’d suggest download it from Libgen — the place from where all the medicos get their free PDFs and ebooks from.

The initial 40–60 pages are important as they talk about general terms used like Adduction, Abduction, Circumflexion, Aponeurosis, Fascias, Anastamosis, etc. It’ll help you get oriented and you’ll feel less dumbstruck once you actually join med school.The main aim for all this is to be prepared for the first few months of the med school. Because college life can be a bit happening so it is better to be prepared with studies as well as enjoy college life.

Alternatively, you can also consider following popular Youtubers related to the medical field.

From the top of my head I’d suggest following:

• Aditya Gupta AIIMS Delhi.

• Dr Darshan Patel AIIMS.

• Dr Arijit – Manipal

• Ali Abdal

There are many more, I’d leave them up to you to discover them!

Listening to these guys, who’ve come before you and been through it all will certainly help you gain some clarity in the field. I hope that as you end reading this article you’ve found yourself better off than when you started reading.

Hope it helps. All the best and keep following PracBee for more information and updates.

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