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NEET 2023 Exam Paper Analysis

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is an essential exam for students aspiring to pursue medical and dental courses in various institutions across India. NEET 2023 was successfully conducted on 7th May, with a total of 20,87,449 candidates registered for the exam. The test was conducted in a total of 499 cities across India and abroad.

The NEET 2023 exam pattern remained the same as in previous years. The test was of 3 hours and 20 minutes duration, and the Test Booklet contained 200 multiple choice questions from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (Botany and Zoology). The questions were divided into two sections (A and B) of 50 questions each for every subject. In Section A, all the questions were compulsory and in Section B, one had to attempt any 10 questions out of 15 in each subject.

Each question carried 4 marks, and for each correct response, the candidate was awarded 4 marks. However, for each incorrect response, 1 mark was deducted from the total scores. The maximum marks were 720.

In this article, we will provide an in-depth analysis of the NEET exam, highlighting its pattern, difficulty level, and expert reviews, to help students get an idea of their performance and what to expect from the results.


Our teachers who reviewed the NEET 2023 Physics section agreed that it was easy. The questions were straightforward and mainly formula-based, with minimal tricky questions. The weightage of the Physics section in NEET 2023 was 60% from Class XII and 40% from Class XI.

Experts have also analyzed the weightage of different topics in the Physics section. The high weightage chapters were Mechanics, which had a weightage of 30%, followed by Modern physics and Semiconductors with 16%, Current Electricity with 10%, Electrostatics and Capacitor with 8%, Ray and wave optics with 8%, and AC and EM waves with 8%. Watch the video below to see the detailed solutions and answer keys for the NEET 2023 Physics questions.


The Biology section of NEET 2023 was found to be relatively easy compared to the previous year’s exam. However, it was also the most time-consuming portion of the exam. Students who had a good grasp of concepts and had practiced well would have found the section manageable.

In the Biology section, the highest weightage topics in Zoology were Human Physiology, Tissue, and Animal Kingdom. In Botany, the highest weightage topics were Biomolecules, Biotechnology, Cell and Cell Cycle, Plant Physiology, Plant Kingdom, and Molecular Basis of Inheritance. Students who had a strong hold on these topics would have found the Biology section to be relatively easier.

The weightage of the Biology section in NEET 2023 was distributed among the Class XI and XII syllabus, with 53% of the questions from Class XI and 47% of the questions from Class XII. This shows that students must have a thorough understanding of both the classes to perform well in the Biology section. Watch the video to see the detailed solutions and answer keys for the NEET 2023 Biology questions.


The Chemistry section of NEET 2023 was considered more challenging by many students. Inorganic Chemistry had the highest number of questions 19, followed by Physical Chemistry with 16 and Organic Chemistry with 15 questions. The section consisted of 50 multiple-choice questions, out of which 24 were from Class 11th syllabus and 26 were from Class 12th syllabus. According to experts, the inorganic part was the hardest, with questions on topics like chemical bonding, metallurgy, and p-block elements. Organic Chemistry had a mix of questions from various topics such as hydrocarbons, carbonyl compound Haloalkanes and Haloarenes, Amine. Physical Chemistry had questions from topics such as chemical kinetics, thermodynamics, and equilibrium. Watch the video to see the detailed solutions and answer keys for the NEET 2023 Chemistry questions

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