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How one should start JEE preparation from class 10th?

There is always a mix of response from teachers and students regarding the JEE preparation for class 10 students. I am not in favour that one should start his JEE preparation from class 10 itself. Rather than preparing for JEE, students should focus on NTSE, various National as well as International level Olympiads and in learning some skills.

It is seen that most of the students who secure top rank in JEE are NTSE scholars. So, I would suggest you to go step by step, if you are preparing for NTSE you will automatically get yourself prepared for JEE. As in stage two of NTSE, the level of the exam is higher and questions are a little tricky and concept-based as it is seen in JEE.

So to prepare for JEE/NTSE from tenth standard, one should just have standard books or follow some coaching institutes study material. 

Books you should be following while preparing are:

  1. Class 10th Mathematics – By RD Sharma 
  1. Foundation 10th Maths by Pearson
  2. Foundation 10th Physics by Pearson
  3. Foundation 10th Biology by Pearson
  4. Foundation 10th Chemistry by Pearson

Apart from these all students should learn to manage each and every day in a better way, since both the exam JEE and NTSE are big so it becomes important to manage time and schedule your day right. A sturdy plan or a timetable refers to a properly managed schedule that a student must figure out to achieve a set of desired goals. Scheduling helps in becoming determined and staying productive at the same time. Keep the following in mind while setting up your schedule.

Determination: You should be dedicated towards your target and try your best to discipline yourself in every possible way.

Elimination: There are a lot of things and activities you have to eliminate, for example A TV Show, social media and a casual party.

Consistency: Anything which has the guts to take you to your dream IIT or colleges is Consistency. If you are not consistent towards your goal or passion you will not be going to get what you really deserve. So, to prepare yourself try to do it collectively and not only for a single day.

Execution: Once you are done with planning your day right it becomes important to execute that plan as best as you can.

After doing all this just ask yourself have you done what was required, if not ask each and every possible question which can lead you to improve your performance.

Wishing you ALL the best!

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