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How to cope up with stress on the last days of JEE and NEET exam

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What is stress all about? 

The stress of not getting a seat in Top Medical College/IITs. The stress that “I have forgotten everything”. The stress “I have not  studied everything”. The stress that “I am wasting the time”. The stress that “my friends are studying more and they know more”. 

How to cope up with stress?  

The most important thing is to stay calm and have confidence.  

The more you trust yourself and the more confident you are, the more marks you will get. So what should you do? 

• Revise: Do revision of the chapters you know well. It will give you confidence and also helps you to  retain more. Don’t panic if you forget anything that you already know. It is very normal. 

•Practice multiple choice questions: First do a previous year multiple choice questions and then go  for a mock test paper. This will help you a lot. See the mistakes that you made in the paper and  remember them. 

•Sleep: You need to have a proper sleep at this time. The more you sleep the more you will retain  and will stay relaxed . Sleep at this time is very important. 

•Manage your time: Time management plays a key role in selection. Manage your time well for all  the subjects, revision and practicing. 

What to study now? 

•Don’t study any new topic at this time and don’t switch books at this time. 

• Focus on what you have already studied now. The more you stay focused on an already known topic , the more confidence you get. 

•Calm: Staying calm is very important. If you stay calm and relax at this time it will help you a lot. 

•Do previous years question papers at the same time at which the NEET will be held. This practice  helps you on the day of exam. 

• Study efficiently : Now it is not the time that you sit for 10 hours and do a revision. Study for a maximum of 4-7 hours now and do a proper revision at this time. 


Having stress during the last days is very common. Do  revision and  practice multiple choice questions and stay as relaxed and focused as you can be. 

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