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There is no doubt one can crack JEE with self-study. Aspirants can easily crack JEE with self-study if they believe in themselves. There are many aspirants who prepare for JEE by themselves. But every aspirant needs some support & guidance during preparation which they can get from coaching. Then why some resist joining one? Some aspirants find coaching costly, while some aspirants find travelling an issue  while some aspirants have homesickness. These are some of the issues because of which people prefer to self-study. But if anyone prepares for JEE with self-study then they don’t take help from any external site. Thus they are not really aware of outside perspective. They don’t have the guidance of a real teacher. 

The best option is Online Coaching. Student can get one on one interaction with the teacher, personalized attention which in my opinion is far better than offline mass coachings. There are many advantages of online coaching which are listed below:

Advantages of online coaching

Online education is much cheaper as compared to offline education because you save a lot of travel money. Hence, if a JEE aspirant joins an online coaching then they don’t need to worry about commuting cost factor.

 No travelling or staying issue 

If one joins an offline coaching then either they have to travel daily or they need to stay in a hostel. But if aspirant goes for online coaching then it can be accessed from anywhere from home and even if one is travelling.

Can be accessed anytime

The main advantage of online coaching is that if you missed any lecture then you have option of recorded lecture. You may even rewind that video again and again.


Online coaching at PracBee provides one on one classes with mentors so that aspirants can discuss his/ her doubt any time. Aspirants can talk about any JEE related issue and they can seek mentor help.

Practice platform

Practice is the key; one should practice questions regularly if they want to excel in JEE. If we talk about PracBee then it has its own practice platform and an App where students can get FREE lakhs of questions to practice. 

So if one has these facilities with online coaching then why go for self-study? It is always better to take help from sources if you can. It will help increase your chances of scoring well always. 

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Rituja Rani
Rituja Rani hails from Bihar and is in her 3rd year of B.Tech course at NIT Jalandhar.
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