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How success mindset plays a role in JEE/NEET?

When it comes to being successful, a lot of it depends on our attitude. Having a flexible mindset when we fix many things in our life, face challenges, and accept reversals; on the other hand, having a fixed mindset forces us to blame others for our wrongs.

When it comes to JEE/NEET or any competitive other exams, it all starts with our minds. During our preparation, what we actually do is train our minds to solve the questions during the exam hours, we feed it with information regarding the syllabus, and also teach it to solve the various types of questions. 

So, by having a positive and flexible mindset, we can better evolve and prepare our minds for JEE/NEET.

What is a success mindset?

Carol Dweck’s in her book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, covered, in detail, how our mindset defines our success.

A success mindset believes that you can become better and improve with time and practice. We feel and believe that “I am like this, but I can change for better, I can learn that subject, I can improve myself, I can change, I can take responsibility for my life. I can improve my knowledge and skills, I can correct my mistakes, and adapt to the challenges of life to achieve whatever I want to achieve.”

In short, it’s the conviction that you can achieve your goals and work with full focus to achieve them. With competition becoming mind-boggling for JEE/NEET, students should try their best to evolve a success mindset to develop the courage and stay motivated to compete and win.

How to evolve a success mindset?

  • Make SMART goals: make goals ensure that they should be- 
  • S- specific, i.e., you should clearly outline what you want to achieve and be specific about the things that need to be achieved; 
  • M-Measurable, i.e., ensure that you define measures for evaluating for success like you want to achieve above 90% marks in mocks, that is measurable; 
  • A-attainable, i.e., make sure that the goals you fix are realistic, and within reason, an unrealistic goal can be like, revising all subjects in 24 hours; 
  • R-Relevant; The goals you fix should be relevant to your preparation; 
  • T- Time-based, i.e., set a realistic timeline for your goals.
  • Maintain good health: If you overstretch your body, you will fall sick or face burnout. So give proper time to sleeping, eating, studying, and playing. Take breaks in between your study sessions.
  • Accept the changes: As said, the only thing permanent in life is change, so don’t be afraid or move away from changes or challenges. Like the syllabus of JEE was changed, and many students got freaked out, so always expect changes and challenges.
  • Stop fearing failure: Failure may come, but it’s better to accept and analyze it, see what went and try your best to fix it so that you don’t repeat your mistakes.

The above were a few points to help you better develop and evolve yourself and clear JEE/NEET with a good rank.

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