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Qualities NEET Aspirant should have

Cracking the NEET is crucial to apply for the undergraduate MBBS anywhere across India. It is not about just passing the exam and doing a course, the responsibility of a doctor (regardless of any medical branch or discipline) is to save a life. However, just knowing the subject matter is not enough to crack the NEET examination. Students must develop certain positive qualities from the start of grade 11th  to prepare religiously for the entrance exam, which will help them get a better chance in cracking the NEET examination.

Positive attitude & positive mindset is always important to crack any exam. In this learning journey, never let your positive attitude shatter. There are always ups and downs that will come in this journey but try to ignore all these distractions and remain positive. Always think about your goals.

Be punctual with your studies and no procrastination: If you have made up your mind to perform your best in the examination, then you must also be prepared to stay focused at all times. Read regularly and revise the formula, key points and examples on regular basis. Procrastination should be avoided at all costs during your exam study. If you procrastinate your topic then after some time you will lose interest in this preparation.

Make a realistic timetable: Divide the topic based on importance in respect of the exam. Always try to write down the example on a separate sheet and revise this sheet from time to time. Make a separate sheet for formulas also and make a schedule in your timetable to revise this sheet.

Make a habit to revise NCERT daily. For biology and chemistry always stick to NCERT. But for physics refer to DC Pandey AND HC Verma.

Stay calm during the exam preparation Students often feel overwhelmed during exam preparation. When you feel stressed or tensed while preparing for the exam, remember to take a breather and exercise or drink water. Allot sufficient breaks during your exam preparation to not add extra pressure on yourself.

Avoid over-thinking: Avoid overthinking about the result just maintain focus on your study, if you have prepared well, then the result will be good.

Take a proper diet and Do exercise: Eat healthy food it will help you be stress free and do exercise daily to be physically fit.

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