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How many years of preparation needed for 2-digit rank in JEE Advanced?

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Cracking JEE Advanced is very tough even with cut-off because for even qualifying the cut-off in the JEE Advanced exam, one needs to meet subject wise cut-off as well as whole paper’s cut-off. It’s not same with JEE Main, so cracking JEE main is easier. Because it happens with most of the people that they are not good in every subject, and since there is no subject wise cut-off, so if one will leaves any chapter untouched things will still be in favor for cracking JEE Main. But if any JEE Advanced aspirant will do so then he\ she will get disqualified from the exam. So, if an aspirant wants to score good rank in JEE Advanced then aspirant need to be good in each subject.

If aspirant wants to score 2-digit rank in JEE Advanced then he\ she has to do hard work. Many aspirants are there who just dream of this 2-digit rank, whereas few of them make this dream into reality. Many can’t even score this rank after doing 4- 5 years of preparation. Whereas, there are few aspirants who score 2- digit rank just with one or two years of preparation. So, the thing which matters for scoring in JEE Advanced is efforts not the time. It’s totally up-to one that how many years he\ she wants to spend in preparation of JEE Advanced for scoring 2 -digit rank. So, if an aspirant targets to score 2 -digit rank then he\ she needs to do much more hard work. You don’t need to think that how many years of preparation are required. If aspirant is slow learner then it is obvious that he\ she will take more time to learn the concept and because of which the aspirant will take more time in covering the syllabus.

But if aspirant is fast learner then he\ she can easily get the concept and because of which the aspirant will cover such a vast syllabus in less time and aspirant will get time to practice more number of problems. Whatever the time you have, just utilize it. If you are slow learner then spend most of the time in daily studies. Utilize the time very efficiently, and solve more number of problems. You can even set a target for solving more number of questions daily. Set a target of minimum number of questions which needs to be solved daily for each subject. Learn the concepts, practice more number of new problems, learn derivations and formulas that is basic for JEE Advanced preparation and to score 2 -digit rank. 

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