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Positive thinking, How will it help in JEE/NEET?

Positive thinking and having an optimistic attitude can do wonders in your life. When preparing for JEE/NEET, students become gloomy, sad, depressed, worried, and nihilistic, but all such painful feelings lead to no gain. However, by developing a positive attitude and believing in one’s ability and capabilities, we can boost our confidence and raise our morale to face even the toughest competition.

Often students get disturbed by ever-changing exam patterns, exam syllabi, delays, poor performance, etc. Still, it is advised that students should never get disheartened at any stage during their preparation and should try their best to stay focused.

Focus is key to success in life, and maintaining focus is the recipe for success in JEE/NEET. Students who maintain a pinpointed focus don’t get worried or sad instead, they, with energy and enthusiasm, do the needful and succeed with a good rank. Remember the story of Arjuna and bird’s eye from Mahabharat, where Dronacharya taught the importance of focus. 

To develop focus, the prerequisite is positive thinking. When our mind is full of energy, enthusiasm, calm, and clarity, we can focus. A dead and dull mind is a doomsday recipe. So, let’s know how to develop positive thinking-

  • Remember your goal- Every day when you wake, remind yourself, that why are you working hard for JEE/NEET? What is your goal? Remind yourself that you have to be the number 1. Such reminders boost your will to take on the day’s challenges and complete the tasks at hand.
  • Positive thinking is not overconfidence- Always give mocks and monitor your progress, don’t make your confidence a scapegoat for poor results, or try to hide your poor results with positive thinking. Positive thinking means accepting the failures, working on them, filling the gaps in preparation, moving up the curve to become better each day. You can find plenty of Mock test on PracBee app for free.
  • Yoga and Meditation- Yoga and meditation are essential to boost cognitive abilities. Students should set aside an hour, preferably in the morning, to practise meditation. 
  • Be alone but never lonely- During preparation, students generally maintain a distance from friends, family and relatives. It’s sometimes required to maintain focus on studies but never cut yourself off from society. When there is nobody to talk to, nobody to take care of you, negativity may start to creep in. So, it is always advisable for students to stay in touch with those who genuinely care for them.
  • Don’t give up play- Mind is a complex machine, and it also requires rest and leisure. Generally, our hobbies like playing, reading, music, dance, art, etc., helps our mind to reset and rest, so don’t give them up. So, in a week give some time to leisure and play to freshen up.

As is rightly said, “Falling down is how we grow. Staying down is how we die. “Don’t dread failure; try to overcome them by trying harder again, and being successful eventually, is the essence of positive thinking. 
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