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Preparing for your NEET UG Exam while being in class 11/12th is probably the toughest things to pull off.

There are only so many hours in a day. You spent most of it in school and the remainder has to be spent probably in a coaching class room leaving you with little time to revise everything that you’ve learnt that day let alone to have enough time to have a personal life.

Moreover, a rough estimate of the number of students getting into a med school shows that most students make it to a med school not in their first but in their second attempt, that is after a drop year from school and preparing solely for the NEET exam.

However, you must’ve also noticed that the toppers are usually freshers who’ve aced the exams in their first go with their class 12th exam themselves.

You can attribute some of that to the sheer genius of these students but nonetheless a lot of efforts go into it as well.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare effectively for your NEET exam while preparing for your class 12th exams.

1. Keep your NCERT as your primary books. They are more than enough, have faith in this statement and don’t run after secondary sources without having aced your NCERT first. That is why if you are a CBSE student then that’s a double hit. 

This is the reason why a lot of students shift from ICSE or other boards to CBSE in their last two years of schooling.

2. Read the NCERT through and through with emphasis on solving numericals. If you get the concepts right for solving the numericals you wouldn’t have to break your head over the theory, which is subjective and need not be cent percent perfect.

3. Solve previous year papers. This is an underrated weapon in your preparation for the NEET exam. The variety of questions is the same with little change in the values or concepts usually. You can follow this not just for your NEET UG exam but also for your board exams. 

Solving PYQs is the best way to learn and understand faster.

4. Prioritise NEET over board exams. Your NEET exam should be taking preference over the board exams in such a way that you get a college. 

I mean, what’s better? Good marks in class 12th with a med school in your first attempt or an excellent board score with nowhere to go after school?

5. This is something that not everyone can do and probably would not be open to but I’ll be just putting it out there — a lot of people shift to dummy schools with affiliation to whatever board they prefer. 

This buys them enormous time to focus on their NEET UG exam and prepare for their class 12th as well.

Hope it helps & let’s you have a better understanding of what to do while in class 11/12th so as to better prepare for your NEET UG Exam.

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Utkarsh Singh
Utkasrh Singh is a final year student at Rajiv Gandhi University of health and science.
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