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ABC Platform: Transforming Education for Over Two Crore Students

The University Grants Commission (UGC) Chairman made a daring declaration in a recent revelation: “Every student should be on ABC platform; over two crore students registered already” during the conference at Maharaja Sayajirao University in Baroda, Gujarat. On October 26, UGC Chairman M Jagadesh Kumar discussed ABC: Academic Bank of Credits during the Western Zone Vice-Chancellor’s meeting.

The ABC platform is a shining example of educational innovation, and its goal is to completely transform the way students interact with the learning process. With more than two crore students already using the site, the UGC Chairman’s support is evidence of its effectiveness.

The ABC platform’s dedication to accessibility is fundamental to its success. It is an enormous undertaking to provide high-quality education in every corner of a nation as big and varied as India. However, the ABC platform is not limited by geography. Every student with an internet connection can access education thanks to its nationwide digital footprint. The UGC Chairman’s support is a testament to the platform’s capacity to bridge educational disparities rather than only its numerical merits. The ABC platform guarantees that students have access to a consistent and superior educational experience regardless of their location—be it a booming metropolis or a sleepy village. A significant step in the direction of a more diverse and equal educational environment is this democratisation of education. ABC was reportedly one of the NEP 2020’s provisions. It will also enable students seeking undergraduate and graduate degrees to withdraw from and re-enter the course within the allotted time. Additionally, it aims to enable all students to register an academic bank account with ABC so they can transfer credits towards any kind of certificate, diploma, or degree.

“UGC has come up with many reforms keeping NEP (National Education Policy) 2020 as our roadmap,” the chairman stated in the video. These days, everyone is familiar with ABC. And the rationale behind using ABC. There are currently around two crore students using the ABC platform. Nonetheless, it is crucial for educational institution administrators to remember that registering on the ABC platform alone is not sufficient; every student must be registered on the platform, and all credentials, credits, and certificates must be uploaded there as well.

He shared the clip and tweeted, “Higher educational institutions must ensure that every student in their institute is registered on the Academic Bank of Credits platform and that their credits and transcripts are uploaded”

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